Tuesday Template: Teachers, How Good Was Your Course? Find Out With The Course Evaluation Form!


by 123FormBuilder

Summer breeze, ocean waves, coconut cocktails… It sure does sound a lot like summer is here, at least for the Northern Hemisphere. While this means you can go along with your Caribbean cruise, it also means something else for teachers: the school year nears its end. Thus, it is time to sit down and evaluate the performance of your course.

A school year’s end is THE moment for assessing how well your course went during the last school year, if students appreciated it – and how much, and if you should change the structure or content of the course just in time for next school year. Course evaluations are especially used in the upper education, however K-12 teachers can also benefit of knowing how their course and their performance was perceived among students.

With 123FormBuilder you can create a customized course evaluation form starting from our ready made free template. As you probably know by now, you can use the template per se or adapt it to your needs, asking just the right questions to find out the information you require from your students.

A course evaluation form can analyze your students’ opinion from two different viewpoints:
1. you can see how your students felt regarding the course itself, and
2. you can get to know their perception towards you as a teacher, since the course evaluation form can be merged with a teacher evaluation form.

The part where you ask about the course itself can contain all sorts of questions, like ones directed towards the course content, the course structure, the amount of work students needed to lay down in order to pass, the extent in which the course met expectations, the materials used for teaching, the provided equipment and anything else you need to know. Use Likert scales to clearly distinguish opinions that can be scaled based on satisfaction, importance, quality, agreement.

The section where you ask your students how pleased they were with you as their teacher, can look at the way they perceived your knowledge of the subject, the level of your engagement towards them, the overall way in which you organized and held the course.

Including a comments field on the form can offer your students the chance to express additional opinions. Maybe they would like to tell you something you didn’t even think of when designing the form. Thus, as you never know what helpful information you might miss, use this kind of field for open suggestions. Furthermore, a comments box is the place where students can point you into a direction to follow in the course’s future. You can gather valuable insight from students, just by giving them the word and encouraging them to speak.

A course evaluation form’s purpose is not limited to gathering feedback from your students, be it in regards to your course or to you as a teacher. No, it can serve as an important resource. How is that? Well, you could think of using the data from the submissions as a source of recommendations. For example, if your respondent agrees, it might help you in some cases to quote them. Imagine you need to promote your course in front of the school board, and need to provide a solid proof stating that your course is great. That’s where your student’s appraisals might come in super helpful.

Moving on to the next topic, I don’t need to tell you how pretty your form can look like. Well, ok – you got me. Not just pretty, but also brand-aligned. Or school-aligned. Your school logo can replace ours in the form header, you can modify the existing color schemes and select your own, and you can even use our white label settings to make the course evaluation form look like it comes entirely from you.

When it comes to applying the form, you might find yourself in the shoes of a kid in a candy store. With so many publishing options, your biggest task is to pick the most appropriate one(s). And hold on, you can even print the forms to apply them like this. But you don’t really want to kill some trees, do you? Plus, printing your form and letting students fill it out like this will make you miss the perks of the form reports.

In the end, it is entirely up to you how you would like to build your course evaluation form. We wouldn’t mind at all to see what you did. In the meantime, here’s our customized version:

Course Evaluation Form customized

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