Tuesday Template: Create a Notable Political Form Letter


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You don’t have to bear a political color in order to speak up your mind on political climate. More often than not, your experiences and emotions are a sane barometer of what’s happening inside this controversial arena. If you feel the need for a change, an improvement, or think some measures are unjust, then take action. Making that idea happen is really as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Political Form Letter. Here’s a walk-through.

Default Political letter

Set your inquiry right

Your cause call  is only as strong as what it stands for. So shape your inquiry into something that can actually happen and that your target has the power to do. Make sure you consider different solutions for the problem you want to address and choose the best one. Be specific. A good goal is clear, quantifiable, and concrete – spell out exactly what you want. Be sure to know the whole context, the facts. Research on this matter so that you won’t waste your time on a cause that already exists.

Choose your political letter’s title wisely

“There isn’t a second chance for a first time impression” and this very much applies to your cause too. The title has to catch people’s attention right on. So think of some powerful words that are also clear and intriguing. You can identify the bit of legislation the letter addresses or include the city/county. Consider using active verbs in order to make the act something everyone will want to join. Keep in mind to capture the overall essence of the letter.

Make your cause worth reading

After you tweaked your title, don’t stop here. You have to describe the issue that you are militating for. Right here you have to be really convincing because it’s where you set the scene for people to adhere to your cause. Don’t just point out the deficient parts. Come up with the solution and the authorities who can make it happen. Explain how taking action helps to prompt that solution.

The not-so-easy part will be to keep it succinctly while still being compelling. People won’t read your thesis on political matters, even if its’ brilliantly asserted.  After you’ve finished with this, make sure you invite the reader to take action. Also consider customizing the letter with special themes or impressive images – they can bring your campaign to life and drive people to act. Make the images visually pleasing, or go for the ones that show the scale of the problem. Always connect with the human insight within.

Call attention to your political letter

Don’t leave your letter waiting to be noticed! The more people sign your letter, the more powerful and relevant it gets. Make the form accessible across multiple channels and use social media outlets to their fullest potential. Create a space for those interested in supporting your cause by setting up a Facebook Page or Group. Insert links to all the relevant data and invite participants to share their say on the issue, personal experiences or opinions. In order to extend your reach you can further engage on web forums or sites where people discuss all sorts of topics. Reaching them out is imperative for growing the number of your signatures.

political form against deforestation

Here are a few other things to consider if you want to make your political form really effective:

  • If you already have a blog with a pretty amount of traffic then make that count by publishing your political form with our dedicated WordPress plugin.
  • Take full control over the form customization. If you want to make further changes, besides modifying page background, form layout, fields, buttons or text labels go for custom CSS. Your form design is totally at your fingertips.
  • Grow your chances to gather a lively and relevant community to support your cause by integrating your form with our 123FormBuilder for NationBuilder – world’s first community organizing system.
  • Manage the data just the way you want to. You could export form submissions to Google Docs, for example, in order to have an overall image of the supporters and their messages for the cause.
  • Show your consideration for your supporters’ implication by sending autoresponder messages to users after form submission. A quick and gracious way to establish a first meaningful contact.

All things considered, building your political form letter is a all-round job with no piece to be left out in order to make it a winning letter. Have you been faced with this type of challenge so far? Or have you been an active part in supporting such an initiative? Let us know your insights in the comments below.

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