Tuesday Template: All in One Grant Application Form


by 123FormBuilder

Awarding grants is an exciting time of the year, when bright minds from around the world start to submit their research proposals on various subjects. But together with the proposals comes a jungle of information that needs to be trimmed down to discover the truly meaningful and deserving ideas.

The process of granting funds takes time and often a lot of effort when it comes to sorting out the vast amount of requests. It’s hard work for the applicants too, but that’s just one organization taking care of one set of information, you have to take all applications into account and give credit to those who deserve it the most.

Preferably, you want all applicants to submit their requests in a standardized format so it’s easier to review. Maybe you want applications to be sorted according to the type of grant requested, or according to the amount requested. Maybe you want applications regarding a certain topic to be sent to a specialist on that issue or maybe you want all documents submitted to be available at the click of a button.

123FormBuilder’s pre-built Grant Application Form is a good place to start developing an idea of what your form could look like. From there, you can tailor your form depending on the type of organization you are. Whether you’re offering grants for students or funding research proposals, the forms and their features are at your feet. Today we will focus on grants offered for research proposals and how you can easily shape them in order to meet your requirements.

Grant Application Form

Let’s look at how using a form can specifically help you manage the vast intake of information:

  1. Every bit of information the applicant needs to supply is available in one place. Basic information such as organization name, project name or research summary are given, but there are a lot of documents involved in a grant awarding process. The applicant needs to submit a letter of intent, a grant narrative, a project budget or project expenses. Having upload buttons for all the required documents ensures the applicant doesn’t forget to attach anything.

  2. Every bit of information the applicant supplies is in one place. You can use a customer relationship management tool such as Zoho CRM to manage all the contact information for future use.

  3. Micromanaging applications so they are reviewed by the relevant people. Say an applicant chooses as his topic of research something to do with patients suffering of Alzheimer’s, then that application will be sent to a grant reviewer who is specialized on the topic. Even if such a feature isn’t necessary, encompassing applications under the header Alzheimer could be useful.

Here’s how a custom Grant Application Form could look like. Feel free to build and design it as your organization needs. Good luck with securing your grants!

Grant Application Form Customized

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