Tuesday Template: A Little Help for the Real Estate Sector – The Tenant Application Form


by 123FormBuilder

This Tuesday’s template comes in handy for real estate professionals or anybody desiring to lease their house: we present to you the Online Rental Application Form Template. It aims to enhance the work of the homeowner or of the real estate pro and to shorten and simplify the rental application process.

Offering an apartment or a house for rent can be quite stressful sometimes since you have to look for the tenants who meet all the criteria desired by the homeowner. If the place is smoke-free, you have to be sure to ask tenants showing interest in your house if they are smokers. The pet issue appears in a similar way – if the homeowner doesn’t want to see a single dog hair in their apartment, you have to be sure tenants don’t bring a four-legged and barking friend with them.

A popular way of leasing a house is by providing print-out tenant application forms which people can fill in and then drop by somewhere. Though, the danger with these consists in losing the filled-out applications, tying a person to an exact spot where these should be dropped by or putting someone to an additional effort through asking them to snail-mail the print-application to you.

Hence, having a tenant application form and allowing people to show their interest more easily in renting can be a great advantage for you.

Sample Online Rental Application Form

What can you do with a Tenant Application Form?

Besides showing the availability of your property and permitting people to express their wish in becoming your tenants, you can streamline your whole work process with real estate forms.

Design the form according to your needs by including all the necessary questions for gathering the required data from potential tenants, as well as by customizing it with photos of your property, colors, fonts, and logos of your brand.

A clear advantage which recommends the use of an online tenant application form rather than its printed version is the possibility to integrate Google Calendar into your form. This way, people interested in renting can select the date for moving in or, perhaps, for scheduling a visit of the house with you. These dates are then added to your Google Calendar and this way you can be sure not to schedule a meeting at the same time with two potential tenants who know but can’t stand each other.

You can add as many questions as you need to be sure to find the perfect tenant. Furthermore, you can separate the questions in multiple pages, if you don’t want your tenant application form to be too long and difficult to scroll down.

Also, you can include field rules if you want some of the questions to show only if the person selects a certain answer. For example, if you’re asking “Have you ever been evicted?”, you can opt to later ask “Why?”, if the answer to the first question is “Yes”.

At the end of the form, a digital signature field can take the place of the classic hand-written signature that certifies the applying person provides correct information. This, along with other required fields that you mark as such, prevents people from filling out incomplete data and doesn’t allow the form to be submitted unless complete.

Here is how your form could look like:

online rental application form sample

Publish your rental application form anywhere you like: on your website, on your Facebook page or on your blog. If you receive a lot of applications and you’re not sure which tenant you’d like best, don’t worry, you don’t have to decide right away. All submissions are saved and can be reviewed as many times as you like.

What about your own templates? We invite you to share them on Twitter under the hashtag #TuesdayTemplate.

Image courtesy of Suat Eman & Sira Anamwong/freedigitalphotos.net

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