Tuesday Template: A Career Interest Survey To Simplify Decision Making


by 123FormBuilder

The journey you make in life is filled with crossroads of important decisions. Either you have to choose the school you are going to attend, your career, a place to live or a major transaction for your business, there’s always a choice you have to make. From personal to professional, each aspect of your life stands for a decision you once took.

Acknowledging this major impact that decisions have in life, many people and businesses have committed themselves to helping others understand their path. So, from school counselors to career advisers and specialized HR companies, they all try to give you a hand when decision making doesn’t come that easy.

But have you noticed what they all have in common? Well, when trying to assess someone’s needs and requirements, the most usual way to do it is either through a survey or a quiz. It can be a well-known personality test, like Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ approach to personality or something custom made for a specific situation.

Since the academic year is close to an end, let’s take a practical example and show you how simple it can be to create a career interest survey for yourself, your students or for your future employees.

career interest survey

Building your career interest survey with 123FormBuilder

Such a survey is designed with the purpose of helping one to choose the career path to follow. Comprising the needs, wishes, knowledge background and other relevant information of a person, it can be a great tool to either smoothen a decision making process or match candidates with existing jobs.

It can be a map to create a full profile and by having it done you can gain a great overview to simplify decision making on both sides – personal or business.

If you use it for business purposes, here are some tips you might want to use:

  • Use domain aliasing  to send the survey seamlessly to all your clients while showcasing your business. It can look professional and brand-aligned so it can enhance your company image.

  • Use the upload button to gather resumes, photos and other important files. If the storage space for uploads allotted by 123FormBuilder is not enough, you can always use a Dropbox integration and have the files in your account. From there you could sort and share them with all interested persons.

  • Make buzz around your business by using our Twitter integration and launch a customized message each time someone fills out your survey.

  • Go social all the way by using the HootSuite capabilities of monitoring your forms on social networks and Facebook to publish this survey in a dedicated tab on your page.

  • Redirect people to different pages according to what they answered in the survey. So if they checked both advertising interest and experience, you can redirect them after submission on a dedicated page where you list all the available opportunities in that field.

Possibilities are vast and so are advantages. With a bit of customization to fit your needs, this Career Interest Survey can be your lead gathering solution or your personal counselor. Use it wisely!

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