Tuesday Form Template: The All-Inclusive Online Conference Registration Form


by 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder form template

Since autumn is the season of conferences, we thought it might be a nice idea to show you how simple it is to make online conference registration with 123FormBuilder.

Allowing your attendees to sign up online to your event is going to ease the planning process and offer you access to valuable insights over your participants. With our free online event registration template you have a nice overview on how to create any type of sign ups to all kind of events. If you customize it and add all the suitable options for your own conference, it will instantly turn into a powerful tool to simplify your workflow. From in-house meetings in your small or large business to big conferences for event organizers or nonprofits, an online registration form will come in handy for everyone.

free online registration form template

How to use a 123FormBuilder online conference registration form template?

So you booked the venue, you know your speakers, planned the program, it is time to start gathering participants. In order to do this the right way, it is only necessary to know how our form builder works to benefit as much as you can by using online registrations.

Well, first off all, with 123FormBuilder you can charge fees directly through your form. Moreover, we are the only form builder allowing the usage of multiple payment processors simultaneously. We integrate with more than 10 gateways to facilitate online payments. It is as simple as that.

Also, you have to know that you can send customized autoresponders with 123FormBuilder. You can use them to thank the participant for the registration and establish an initial contact with them, or use it as a ticket and send them a copy of the submission to see exactly the session they registered to. You can think of any message you want and send it through a personalized email notification.

If you think of holding an international conference, our translation feature allows you to present your conference registration form in up to 52 languages so that each attendee can feel comfortable using her own language when doing the sign up.

You can also leverage the form’s publishing options. With 123FormBuilder, your registration can take place on your dedicated website, via email or any social network. A fun way to use it is to create a Facebook event page and embed the form on the page; this way your participants can sign up without even leaving that page. How cool is that?

Want to hear more? Well, one important thing when using a form for organizing an event is our Google Calendar feature. By enabling it you can automatically add attendees to the created event form your calendar. Import fields like Name and Email and you will have the entire database of participants automatically added to your Google event. This way you can send friendly reminders to your attendees, enabled though Google Calendar.

And on the top of them all, your form can look however you want. You can change themes, apply CSS if needed, add logos and other images. It will be a statement of your brand so that participants to the conference can identify the event and relate it to your company or nonprofit.

conference registration form template

Following the event, you can still benefit from using an online conference registration form because you will have the database of participants in your Submissions section from the 123FormBuilder Dashboard and you can export it in several CRMs automatically. Thus you can send feedback forms, newsletters and build a relation with your attendees so that all those interested can stay connected with your company or organization.

So do you think your business can benefit from such a form? Tell us all about how you will use this online conference registration form.


  1. Hi Laury,

    Can I integrate this 123FormBuilder into one of my WordPress site?

    Also, which CRM does it currently support?

    Robin Ooi

    1. Hi Robin,

      Our forms can be easily published to the WordPress.org platform. In order to publish your form to this platform please check the following link: http://live.123formbuilder.com/docs/wordpress/

      As regards to the CRM, we integrate with Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Top Producer, Pipeline Deals, WIX Contacts, Marketo. For more details on the 3rd party apps that we currently support, please see: http://live.123formbuilder.com/docs/applications/

      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at support@123formbuilder.com.

      Best regards,

      The 123FormBuilder Team

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