Tracking Form Conversions in Google AdWords


by 123FormBuilder

Seeing this headline on the heels of our previous article on tracking form conversions in Google Analytics, you might ask, “Isn’t this a bit redundant?”

Not a bit.

Google AdWords is a different animal. While Google Analytics lets you know how things are going overall, Google AdWords campaign tracking measures the success of your paid marketing efforts.

Search engine marketing and Google AdWords go hand-in-hand. SEM experts strive to advertise content directly to users whose keyword searches are a likely match for the product or service the company is offering. By targeting ads at searches, search engine ads enjoy better conversion rates.

When you direct an AdWords campaign to 123FormBuilder, make sure you set it up to track conversions so you can measure your success! Don’t forget that conversion doesn’t only mean buying stuff with a credit card. Conversions include signing up for mailing lists, requesting information, downloading apps, and more.

To track Google AdWords you need to copy and paste a short JavaScript (JS) code snippet into your form and its thank-you page. (Here’s more about that.)

Once your conversion goal is set up in AdWords, come back to learn more about adding JS to the form and thank-you page.

AdWords Conversion Tracking Option 1: 123FormBuilder Settings

To add AdWords conversion tracking to a 123FormBuilder web form:

1. Copy the tracking code from AdWords.

2. Paste the code into a notepad and saving it with the extension .js.

3. Upload the file on the web server, or you don’t have access, use any hosting service that can store the file online and be retrievable via URL.

4. Log in to 123FormBuilder.

5. Go to the web form (if it’s already created).

6. Go to Settings → Advanced. Use the option to add JS to the Thank You page.

7. Paste the URL of the .js file.

8. Save.

AdWords Conversion Tracking Option 2: Tag

You can also create a custom form thank you page on your site (outside of 123FormBuilder) and return to 123FormBuilder to assign your form submissions to go there. In this case you’ll plant the tracking code within the tags of the HTML code of the page.

Go Forth and Convert

Remember, a great way to increase conversions and get the most bang for your buck to have your stuff seen by people who are likely to be interested in the first place! AdWords can help make that happen. AdWords not only help you find more promising leads but shed light on the desires of your customer base.

As always, visit our Help Center or drop us a line at support[at] if you run into any snags.

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