Tips To Power Up Your Online Event Registration Process

Nowadays, hosting an event without offering a way for people to register online, and even buy tickets, is suicidal. For small events, it could work. But if your event is a festival or a conference, online event registration is something your marketing efforts should be focusing on, especially since almost everyone is browsing the Web or managing their social networks. So why not fish in the bigger pond, right?

Your online event registration process has to be simple and straightforward. People should be able to register to your event easily, without having to feel the urge to cancel during the process. So what do you need for registering people online to your event? The answer is simple: an event registration form.

If we were still living in the Dark Ages of the Internet, you had to use some programming languages to code the event registration form, which are not that easy to master if you lack the technical skills. But luckily for us all, those times have long passed and there are much easier ways for building an event registration process for the online environment.

What you need to power up your online event registration process is a tool that combines user-friendliness, flexibility and quality. You should put your case scenario in motion with ease, configure your settings accordingly and start collecting registrations for your event without a hassle.

Here are some great tips that will optimize and automate your online event registration process with the help of the 123FormBuilder web form builder:

1. Start by Building Your Online Event Registration Form

Go to the editor mode of your form, drag & drop the fields that you need, such as name, email, a box for number of tickets or guests, whatever information you need. You can use the event registration form template to save some time during the building process.


    • Create new form
    • Drag and drop the fields that you need in the form editor


  • Use template
  • Edit template in the form editor

create event registration form

2. Brand Your Event Registration Form

Design your online event registration form to match your colors, put a logo, style the fonts that are used and many more in the Themes section. You can use a predefined theme or create one of your own with just a few clicks.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to SettingsThemes
  • Duplicate theme
  • Customize it

styling event registration form

3. Add a Ticketing System and Receive Payments Online

Use any of the available payment gateway integrations on 123FormBuilder, such as PayPal or Stripe, to sell event tickets through your event registration form as you would sell with any order form. People will feel out the form, after that they will be prompt to the checkout page and you will get paid shortly after.

You can add multiple payment gateways to your event registration form and add an offline payment method with conditional logic. Check out our article on how to create offline and online payment methods on the same form.

Moreover, you can use formulas to create your prices, use markups, discounts and coupon codes.

Feature location:

  • Go to SettingsPayments
  • Roam around the options and setup your configuration

create event registration form with payments

4. Create & Customize A Unique Email Response

Use the autoresponder feature from Notifications to reply to your attendees in the nicest way possible. You can use images, file attachments and many styling options. Show some love to the ones that will attend your event and thank them as you would to your dearest friend.

create autoresponder for event registration form

5. Limit Seats/Tickets Through Form Submissions

This feature fits in perfectly for conferences where you have limited seats. All you have to do in this case is:

  • Add the field Number to your event registration form
  • Select the field
  • Go to Edit FieldMore
  • Tick the option limit submissions by input values.
  • Type in a maximum value which represents your maximum number of seats

limit seats to event on form

Now you can use this field to sell more tickets to the same submission. Each time someone will buy a ticket or more, the value of the input will be added to the ones from previous submissions.

Remember to set your form fields as required, so your attendees will complete the registration form correctly.

6. Streamline Your Event Registration Process Across Multiple Platforms

You can use third party apps to save your entries in different CRMs such as MailChimp. If you are using FreshBooks, you can use 123FormBuilder’s integration to generate an invoice for each purchase.

Go to SettingsApplications and enable the third party integration that you need.

7. Build Branching Logic For Different Flows

If you sell VIP tickets to your event, you can create a rule that will send a special message to the attendee, maybe a gift or a different thank you message. Another thing that you can do is show or hide certain field on your event registration form. You can add a rule that will show a checkbox with the text ‘do you want to take part in our surprize draw’ whenever a person selects the VIP ticket option.

If you want to create both online and offline payment methods on your event registration form, you will use branch logic as explained in our article here.

Whatever your scenario is, here’s how you can build branch logic:

  • Go to SettingsRules
  • Select the type of logic you want to create: field rules, autoresponder rules, form rules (redirect rules)
  • Press Add Rule to get started building your rule.

8. Organizing A Multilingual or International Event?

Then you should definitely add translations to your event registration form and here’s how:

  • Go to SettingsTranslations
  • Click Add Language
  • Press Customize
  • ..And get to it.

You can learn more about form translations in our documentation here. You can even use translations to change certain system messages or field instructions. For example, if you’re limiting submissions by input values, you can change the text ‘the maximum accepted value‘ to something more appealing, such as ‘tickets left:‘.

event registration form - limiting seats and tickets

Now you don’t have to worry about creating an efficient event registration process that incorporates online ticketing and live payments. It’s time that you start building your event registration form the easy way with the many features that are at your disposal.

And if you ever require assistance, do not hesitate by any chance to contact our awesome support specialists at


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