The Three Superheroes That Meet On #GivingTuesday And How You Can Become One Of Them


by 123FormBuilder

Nonprofit organizations, for profit organizations and volunteers around the world work ceaselessly, offering their time and resources to make the world they live in a better place. With the little they have, they find time to look around them and help their community and give to those in need. And for this they are heroes.

But during the last month of the year they transform and become something more, they become superheroes, the pinnacle of their efforts being represented by #GivingTuesday, a day that increases their power immensely.

Every day of the year these superheroes are dressed as regular people. Working, getting informed, helping however and whenever they can. And on #GivingTuesday these superheroes meet and combine powers to bring hope and happiness to people in need around the globe. Their presence – undeniable, their effect – irrefutable. Words upon words have been written about their feats and they have grown stronger every year.

Nonprofits use their ultra powers of communication to raise awareness, warning everyone of the dangers awaiting if no action is take. An unmatched passion for mission is the source of their power and nothing will stop them from accomplishing it. For example the #UNselfie campaign spread the word about thousands of causes in need of help, showing how deeply connected we are in resolving issues we care about. If you’re in search for superpowers, look at what tools #GivingTuesday have to offer.

For profits use their enabling power of resources to grant new powers to nonprofits. They also use their networking abilities to cast a bigger web of support to those who need it. Diversity of resources is their strongest power, making them vital in empowering those in need. In 2013, Google and Mashable hosted the first Hangout-a-thon for charity, giving a voice and inviting nonprofits around the world to take part in a #GivingTuesday conversation.

And finally, volunteers. They use their amplification powers to extend the limits of nonprofit messages, making them heard by every willing ear. They also use their persuasive capabilities to unite friends and family under a single banner and lend a helping hand. A kind a willing heart is the catalyst of their actions and it cannot be bent or shaken. Citizens of Baltimore united to raise money as a city, and under the Bmore Gives More slogan they created a website and organized city-wide events to fight for causes. Find out what your local community is involved in and increase their superpower by offering your help.

After this period ends, everyone will go back to being just heroes, but for now there are five more days until #GivingTuesday and a lot more donations to be collected, events to be held and volunteers to be recruited. At 123FormBuilder we are giving a helping hand for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis and if you’re a local company, we invite you to aid those in need alongside us. Regardless of where you’re from, or what cause you stand for, let us all join hands and use our power to bring joy in people’s hearts, comfort in their souls and smiles on their faces. Give on Tuesday!

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