The story of the first #GivingTuesday initiative in Romania


by 123FormBuilder

We waited and planned, prepared and got excited about 3rd of December, a day that we hope will mark the beginning of a great #GivingTuesday movement in Romania.

Even a week before #GivingTuesday it smelled like team spirit in the 123FormBuilder office.The journey started on Friday evening when, with courage and strength, the team launched the shopping carts into the biggest shops in the whole county. The quest got serious and the carts bigger and heavier. The three brave participants joined forces and managed to stuff all the goods acquired in this first expedition in their jolly wagons.

They stored the treasures deep in the 123FormBuilder office so that the kangaroos could sort them in gifts bags full of happiness for the kids in need.

Monday morning the kangaroos took the wrapping mission seriously and they successfully sneaked between the big piles of toys, chocolate, school supplies and food. With the kids’ smiling faces in mind they created a stack of colorful gift bags.

Giving Tuesday Romania

#GivingTuesday caught the 123FormBuilder kangaroos prepared to deliver the bags they made with such enthusiasm. In the middle of the magic day, the special helpers from Save the Children Timișoara arrived with an enchanted ride to transport the kangaroos and their gifts to the kids’ wonderland.

Giving Tuesday Romania Salvati Copiii

They flew like the wind and arrived to meet the children. Although each of these kids has a special story behind of a daily struggle with poor life conditions, here they all meet in this eerie land where they become a family. A place where they learn to write, read, sing and dance, they cherish every moment and gain the skill to always look at the bright side of their story. The optimism in their eyes welcomed the kangaroos and sparkles of joy filled their hearts when they first held the gift bags.

initiativa Giving Tuesday Romania

The kids maintained the bright spirit and started to name their new fluffy friends. They sang us joyful carols, they told us poems and overwhelmed us with hugs. And when the kangaroos shared their adventure and taught them about the magical day of #GivingTuesday they were all ears.

Giving Tuesday centru copii Timisoara

They even made you all a special gift so that by next year you get inspired and start your own journey to give back and celebrate #GivingTuesday.

That completes the story, and I will say no more. See you next year, kangaroos!

GivingTuesday Romania

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