The Science Behind Successful Online Surveys – Part III

Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica

How to create a survey with 123FormBuilder

We’ve been through the best practices on how to construct your questionnaire and what design principles to apply to your online surveys.

Now let’s explore the more practical area of bringing your surveys into the 123FormBuilder system.

The easy way to build any type of survey with our free survey creator

Well, we are called 123 for a reason. If you’re looking for a real-time and modern-looking platform to create your surveys, you’ve found it. And if you simply don’t know where to start or are suffering from writer’s block, take a look at our pre-designed survey & questionnaire templates. You just might get inspired!

Fully brandable surveys

Our survey builder lets you personalize your form to fit your brand identity. Upload a logo, change the colors and fonts, customize backgrounds, borders, buttons – well, anything, really.

If you have no idea where to start, pick one of our form themes.

On the other hand, if you want to import your own CSS to the survey, we’re fine with that too!

Survey settings you might miss at a first glance

You can do pretty much anything with our free online survey tool. Just in case you feel overwhelmed, we want to highlight some cool stuff you can configure for best results. Besides those already mentioned above, that is.

  • limit the number of submissions;   
  • request HIPAA compliance, if necessary;
  • use a filter to receive responses only from certain countries;
  • configure multiple email recipients;
  • receive relevant user information along with each survey response (IP, country, browser);
  • receive submissions in PDF format;
  • enable SMS notifications;
  • translate your survey in another language;
  • hide the survey from search engines.

Let your survey out of the bag

Once you’re happy with the content and looks of your online survey, it’s time to send it to your targeted audience, right? Sometimes, getting responses can be complicated, that’s why you need a distribution plan.

Case permitting, announce your respondents about the survey, for example at the end of an event. This way, chances are they won’t ignore it. Explain why you take the survey, what you need the data for and if the responses will be anonymous or not.

That being said, there are many publishing options waiting for you within the 123FormBuilder system.

  • Distribute your survey by email – since the people on your list already opted-in to receive emails from you, you have a greater probability of getting high-quality responses;
  • Publish it on a web page – as a homepage popup invitation or into a redirected page after making a purchase, for example;
  • Share it on social media – if that’s where your target audience is, that’s where your surveys should be, too!

Analyze and conquer

It’s so good to see people are really answering your questionnaire! But your work is far from done. Now comes the time for survey data analysis, which is actually the part that will help you understand how your business is perceived and what necessary steps you need to take for improvement.

Depending on your goals, decide how relevant partial submissions are (or filter them out altogether). If you’ve conducted previous similar surveys, compare the results. From our friendly dashboard setup, you can also print or export submissions, while also generating visual reports to share with decision-makers.

Integrate, integrate and integrate

With so many nifty web apps out there, it would be a shame not to take advantage of our 30+ integrations. Instead of working with them separately, you can connect your 123FormBuilder surveys with the software systems you love. For instance, connect with Google Drive to organize your data, send collected leads to MailChimp or Zoho CRM, or use Salesforce to stay in touch with event attendees.

Before you launch…

…make sure you test the survey by yourself. Or, better yet, send it to friends or family to make sure it offers a smooth and pleasant experience. You wouldn’t want respondents to stumble upon broken survey logic, faulty design, too long or confusing questions and so on.

And of course, don’t forget: 123FormBuilder is your personal online survey creator and designer. Our pre-made survey templates are already researched to cover most popular formats. However, depending on your specifics, you can change anything about them. Just refer to the above mentioned best practices for excellent survey building!

Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica 123FormBuilder

Cristina is a Content Writer for 123FormBuilder. She helps the company communicate the product through blog posts, landing pages, brochures, infographics, and email marketing messages. She's always eager to learn new skills, so when she's not writing she's brushing up on UX Design principles or flirting with photography.

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