The Online Job Application Form: Ingredients for Excellent Results


by 123FormBuilder

You need to hire new staff for your company? The best recipe for growing a successful business is hiring the right talent. So you should start with the right ingredients. You need to optimize the recruitment process and there’s one fundamental element that will streamline and speed up your hiring efforts: the online job application form.

“There are so many options nowadays when it comes to posting ads and hiring people. The majority of those job posting websites also offer a basic way of evaluating candidates. But what happens when you need a more unorthodox candidate evaluation business process? What if you need a 2 step or 3 step evaluation interview combined with a way of getting multiple references from the same candidate? How about getting that feedback from each reference? 
If you want to hire more than a couple of people then you have a recipe for disaster on your head. 
Online forms offer the flexibility you need to set up the most complex HR business process while being easy to use by people without technical skills.”  -Florin Cornianu, 123FormBuilder co-founder and CEO
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So let’s start with highlighting the benefits of using an online job application form:

Having candidates apply online facilitates attracting, selecting and hiring the best-qualified applicants and makes the recruitment process more efficient and cost-effective, reducing the recruitment process time.

➤Publishing the online job application form on your company website will increase your chances of receiving relevant applications.

➤ It helps you stay organized and manage all job applications to screen potential job candidates easier.

Through centralized data management you’ll be able to improve efficiency 

You’ll be able to create the online form in minutes, with drag and drop ease and save valuable time. No technical skills are required.

No matter how complex your recruitment needs may be or how many steps it may involve, with an online form builder like 123FormBuilder, it can be automated.

Ready to create your own successful online job application form? Before you begin, check out our recipe:

  • Add only necessary fields. Stick with basic questions that can quickly reveal if opening the applicant’s resume would be valuable for you or not and if you should proceed with a face to face interview.
  • Nevertheless, ensure you have all the information you need. After collecting their contact information, you need to find out what position they’re applying for. If you consider necessary, you can also ask if they are immediately and full-time available or if they are currently working. Of course you can add additional questions if you think they’re valuable for you to decide who fits the job requirements, but be careful not to scare applicants with too many questions.
  •  Add a text box if you need applicants to type themselves the job they want or a dropdown list so they can choose from the listed available jobs.
  • Ask for their resume. You can either ask applicants to upload their resume or provide a URL to it. The uploaded files that are less than 5 MB you will get in the email notification as attachments. The bigger ones will show up as downloadable links. Therefore when applicants submit the job application form with their resume file, you will receive by email and in the Uploads Manager.
  • After narrowing down your choices, checking references might help you decide who to hire. Give the applicants the option to provide references if they want to by adding a reference section as you can see in the example above. When clicking Yes, additional fields for reference contact information will appear. This can easily be done with Field Rules.
  • You can make things simple for applicants to be able to print the form with their input by adding a Print button on the form.  And if you want to print form submissions, click on Print in the Submissions section and select the option that suits you. For better profiling, it’s best to choose to print each submission on a separate page. In case you need to print the form but you would like to keep the form layout, go to Settings-> Notifications and from PDF Options enable the Use form layout for PDF attachments option. When you’ll get the email with the submission, you’ll also get the PDF attachment that you can print.

Finally, when it comes to creating a successful online job application form, the key is asking the right questions, adapted for your particular needs. These questions will help you find the right talent. As the creation of the online form goes, don’t sweat it! We’ve already created a form template for you, with all the fields we mentioned above. You only have to customize it to fit your needs.  

If you’re struggling with high-volume recruiting and hiring, I can assure you that no matter how complex the process, it can be streamlined through online forms. Learn more from this use case.

And if you need any help creating your forms online, don’t hesitate to contact us at Have you already created an online form with 123FormBuilder? We’d love to hear more about it and see an example. Comment below or tweet us at @123FormBuilder.

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