The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation Forms: Part 7


by 123FormBuilder

Go mobile!

Gone are the days when you only built your online business presence for desktop web navigation – without taking into account mobile traffic. Most marketers nowadays have one hand on Google Analytics and the other on the Ten Commandments for a Mobile Website. Are you that marketer?

Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit on this one, but you can always take a look in your website’s stats to see just how many of your visitors come from mobile devices. It’s precious traffic we absolutely need to leverage. When your site is mobile-friendly, your lead generation forms should be too. Luckily, with 123FormBuilder all of your web forms are naturally mobile compatible. All you need to do is think their design in an easy to catch manner that will pose no friction to visitors coming from mobile devices.

This is exactly what we are going to show you in this post, which would be the last one in our Lead Generation series. You can always review the other chapters about various form types, and drop us a line maybe, should you like us to talk some more about lead gen techniques.

Best practices for mobile forms

Speaking of mobile worthiness, statistics show that a blatant 25% of online shoppers only purchase from mobile devices. And you can find some other interesting facts here (including the fact that 75% of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom). Nobody affords to miss the lead goldmine that mobile sites carry. It’s known that a visitor that arrives from his mobile on a non-optimized website is absolutely sure to abort the buying process from the first 5-6 seconds.

As we all know, mobile devices still bring some constraints to user navigation within forms: screens are smaller, typing is clumsier, internet connection can fail at times. Thus, it’s important to know how to optimize forms for better mobile interactions.

What do you need to do for capturing mobile leads?

1. Create a lead generation form with 123FormBuilder, of course. It will be mobile optimized from the start, as above said.

2. KISS principle: Keep It (your form) Short and Simple. Stick to the essential field(s), and be as effective as you can with the information your request from users. If you really need to use longer forms, break them into small steps with the multi-page feature.

3. Align field labels to the top for better visibility. Other alignments (left, right) tend to clutter the mobile screen.

4. Use mobile-ready enhancements. For example, 123FormBuilder provides IP Geolocation for automatically filling in the country in Address fields.

Mobile forms need a lot of testing, as much as any other form does. Always try to find the best converting formula for your own visitors’ needs. We would be happy to help by email and live support whenever you need a hand.

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