The Connection Between Dancing And Web Forms: Living Line Dance [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

Oftentimes, people don’t have the occasion of merging business pursuits with leisure activities. It’s either running your company seriously, or spending time relaxing with a free time activity.

Here comes Living Line Dance

That is not the case for the management of Verlag Fischer & Gerlach (Fischer & Gerlach Publishing), a small German publishing company, whose main field of interest is the charming line dance and the dedicated magazine. In this company, business management and dancing are the perfect duo.

The company publishes Living Line Dance, a specialized, printed magazine, where it presents everything related to line dancing – from news, awards, events and up to step sheets. Besides printing the magazine, the company also organizes trips for their readers and other attendees, all centered around line dance.

Managing the company with the help of web forms

Because the company’s activity is so broad while having the line dance passion in full focus, management efforts have to be split between handling the creation of the magazine, its publishing, the ordering process, as well as administering the reader trips. All these management efforts surely imply a very good organization, so that everything works out seamlessly. You are practically an editor and a travel agent at the same time.

Thus, every tool that can stand by your side and make your management work easier is very welcomed. Daniella Fischer, co-owner and chief editor of Verlag Fischer & Gerlach, found the solution of using 123FormBuilder web forms for numerous purposes.

The regular publication of the printed Living Line Dance is accompanied by a magazine subscription form, which readers can use to express their interest in starting to receive the line dance news at home.

For participating in the special line dance trips, the company uses dedicated travel booking forms, which collect all required information from the passengers, be it room type preferences, flight ticket and connections, t-shirt size or dancing skills level. For instance, site visitors can book trips to Arizona, Las Vegas or cruises. So if you want to travel and line dance, Living Line Dance might be a good tip to pursue.

Moreover, Living Line Dance likes to interact with readers on a regular basis. For this purpose, it operates web forms, asking readers to vote for their dance instructors, dances and events, or file upload forms with upload fields which readers can use to send over a new choreography proposal. Surveys are another type of form the company uses to mine reader opinion. Through surveys, the company can find out where readers would like to travel, what the best time of the year would be for a trip or how long the trip should be.

living_line_dance_logoHow using our web forms turned out for Living Line Dance can be seen from Daniella Fischer’s statement: “123FormBuilder is a very variable form tool with a very good usability. Easy to manage, clear in structure, with a good variety on form possibilities. And: a very, very good support!” Thank you, Daniella!

As a plus, 123FormBuilder’s integration with Wix is of great benefit for Verlag Fischer & Gerlach, because Wix is their favorite website builder, as Daniella says. The site can be easily managed and updated, and the forms can be included quick and effortless, driving up magazine orders, survey responses and travel signups.

Without a clear structure, running a magazine and organizing trips for readers would be two very hard to manage operations. Verlag Fischer & Gerlach and its magazine, Living Line Dance, show us how web forms can aid you to coordinate several processes at the same time.

Image courtesy of Living Line Dance

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