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by 123FormBuilder

new form editor experience by 123formbuilder

Ten years ago we started with a simple vision in mind: allow anyone to embed a form on their website, without any technical skills required.

Year by year we have improved our product through new features, integrations and fine-tuning of existing tools. We stand true to our mission to deliver the best possible form building experience, and today marks the start of a new era…

We are proud to announce the release of our new and powerful Form Builder.

123formbuilder new form editor gif

Brand new interface

We’ve now simplified everything. By making the interface much friendlier and highly intuitive to use, you can get really creative really with your layouts. The smooth drag and drop gesture feels so natural, it’s as easy as assembling Lego bricks. This makes positioning form elements a pleasure since they fit in perfectly wherever you want.

Alignments and size are also two aspects which have been worked on. You can now fine tune alignment and individually control the width of labels and inputs – without switching screens to do this! Not to mention, this makes the forms adapt better on mobile phone screens, which will definitely thank your forms users.

Build beautiful forms faster than ever

The new Editor reflects the true WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) experience we have been aiming for. Everything you place in the layout is the exact match with the final form. We’ve even made it full-screen so you can now totally take advantage of the size of your screen.

We are also introducing a single sidebar to easily add and customize your form fields. It allows you to instantly find any field or option with just a few keystrokes. Soon you will also be able to edit your forms on the go.

123formbuilder new form editor field search feature gif

Themes editing is now much simpler

Like everything else, themes now live inside the sidebar. We’ve added a live preview to it, so any change you make will show up instantly on your form. Switching pages to change themes and test viewing the form is a thing of the past now.

You can choose a theme from our catalog, or build your own. It’s now easier than ever to do so!

123formbuilder customizing web form with new design options gif

Technology played an important role

We have significantly improved forms performance, especially our rules processing engine. Form rules run up to 100X times faster now. No more friction or delays for your customers.

The editor was built in such a way to allow our engineering teams to develop and deploy new functionalities much faster. Expect many more features to be released in the weeks to come!

This is our new Form Builder. We hope you will love it as much as we loved building it.

It will roll out gradually to everyone, but you can give it a try starting today!

Have any feedback? Can’t wait to hear – drop it in the comments below and we’ll get to it.


  1. we use asana and when a client fills out a 123 form (using it as a work order). they select things they want and info about the job, and attachments. I would like the form from the client to be inserted into asana to create a project.
    any help here?

    1. Hi!

      That is a nice scenario. If Asana supports embedding external scripts into projects, I believe this is something that can be easily done. You just need your web form’s embed code (JavaScript recommended) and insert it in the source code of the project. If you still haven’t found a way to do it, our support specialists will more than happily help. Just write them a message at support[at]


    1. Hi Ken!

      Please send us a message at support[at] and our customer support representatives will into it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      Our features matrix details the features and limits for each type of account. If you want to add more fields than permitted on your plan, you will need to upgrade. However, the upgrade does not come just with more fields, but other additional features you’d find useful 🙂


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