Store and Share Your File Uploads as Easy as 1-2-3 with the New Dropbox Integration


by 123FormBuilder

We’ve got a new year’s present for you, and it comes in a quite fancy box: Dropbox! The new integration 123FormBuilder is launching today will simplify your life by offering extra storage space and easy file sharing, all powered by Dropbox.

If you aren’t a Dropbox user yet, you may consider becoming one, as it comes with a generous 2 GB of free storage and the most friendly user interface – just two reasons why this is world’s number one file storage app.

How it works?

It’s simple to synch your form with Dropbox. You just add Dropbox onto the form’s Applications tab, then log in to your Dropbox account (if you haven’t chosen the Keep me logged in option at your last visit) and allow access to 123FormBuilder. No further effort is required on your side. 123FormBuilder creates a special folder into your Dropbox, where files go with each form submission. You can then move files to various folders and organize them the way you need.

Once you enable the integration on one of your forms, 123FormBuilder will send your file attachments to a folder in your own Dropbox. You basically gain 2 GB (or more) of cloud storage space for your file uploads. Need more room on your 123FormBuilder uploads repository? No trouble. Just clear files from there and keep them on Dropbox. (Important note: the Dropbox integration is created to import only file uploads, not the content of your submissions.)

One form – file sharing for everyone!

Team collaboration is easy as cake with the new integration. On Dropbox you can allow all of your co-workers to view and use your file uploads – images, PDFs and others. You can start from a file upload form, and add everything else you need on it. If you are a teacher collecting students’ papers and you need to share them with the other educators, you can simply collect them within your form, then grant Dropbox access to everyone. The same way, businesses of any type can keep track of new files and share them with the entire team, easy as a pie.

Check out our Dropbox integration guide for more info on linking this application with your forms. If you need any assistance in using the Dropbox app, our support team is always happy to help.


  1. Another great innovation for both Dropbox and 123FormBuilder! This surely would be of help with information sharing and hence better team collaboration and communication. What a great thing Cloud can do!

  2. Thanks Lucian, I have been using dropbox from many days and its great. Good to hear that it has new integration 🙂

  3. Cool! I use Dropbox every day, so integration with the excellent form generation from 123contractform is really a nice new year’s present. Keep up the good work!

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