Start The Business Year Like a Rockstar


by 123FormBuilder

Aren’t you under the impression the holidays just flew by? We are, and the post-holiday mood kicked in! Lucky we found a few ways to shake it off and now it’s starting to fade. This gives us a lot of fresh energy when approaching the goals we set this year for ourselves.

There is plenty of work to be done, but where to start? We suggest taking a peek at where you left off last year to know exactly where to begin your 2015 business venture. But depending on your sector, the journey ahead of you will have a different starting point. These are some suggestions of what might be the first step you take towards a very successful business year.

If you’re a small business you surely want to expand, increase the number of clients and improve on last year’s shortcomings. To find out what didn’t go as planned in 2014 you can use a survey tool that will uncover areas you can polish. Furthermore, based on your needs and findings, you can begin numerous campaigns with the desired goal of reaching new prospects, raising awareness or building loyalty. Given your objective you may want to start a newsletter, an e-mail campaign or simply generate new contacts. Top tip: it’s all about personalization!

For web designers it’s pretty much the same story. Research into what worked last year and what didn’t will go a long way into improving UX. Furthermore, reading about this year’s trends and tools will give you confidence that you’re on the right path. And last, let’s not forget about one of the most important aspects of web design, the colour of the year: Marsala.

In case you’re in education, the way you handle the first half of the calendar year has big impact on the second half. Maybe you want to attract students to your school or university and you need to be the most convincing. Researching what students look for when deciding to enroll into a university is paramount when deciding what to advertise. This being said, students listen to other students’ experience when deciding, therefore a student satisfaction survey might weigh decisively in the choosing process. Also, the school year halfway point is a good time to ask students for feedback, so there is enough time to improve for the following year.

Non-profit organizations have a lot going for them in the first months of the year due to a busy December. Besides a highly successful #GivingTuesday, December represents the month with the largest number of donations and leads generated. The time is now to follow-up on those leads. Start by sending an email in which you show what contributions helped build or achieve. Whether it’s a large donation towards research, a new school being built or equipment being bought for a hospital, no feat is too small and donors will love to see they helped. This will build your reputation and increase donor retention, a delight for any NPO.

Regardless of your domain of activity, the Christmas holidays made everyone’s gears slightly rusty, so it’s time to oil them back up and remember: “Nothing will work unless you do!” – Maya Angelou

Here are the things we found helped shake off the post-holiday mood, which ones do you know?

Holiday Mood

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