Sparkling New Features in the New Form Section: Online Quiz and Poll


by 123FormBuilder

Living in a sea of information we tend to always find new ways of communication so that people would hear our voice while we try to figure out what our important stakeholders have to say. It is a rule of thumb applicable to every business of any kind. Today we proudly announce our awesome new feature which comes to address this exact need. Please give a warm round of applause to our new online quizzes and polls.

Online quizzes – communicate & learn

At first it might sound like a feature that especially the education field would use extensively. Well, it is, education quizzes are popular and a good use case. Quizzes’ aim is to help people learn  things easier and evaluate their knowledge. But that is not the sole purpose of an online quiz. You can use it in areas like psychology, sociology, entertainment and many more. Moreover, no matter the domain you work in it can be a good way to test employees and a fun interaction with your public on your website.

With 123FormBuilder now you can use the template for an online quiz and adapt it to your own purposes. You can add radio buttons fields, multiple choice fields, images, HTML blocks and all kind of other elements to keep it interactive and appealing for your respondents.

The purposes are endless and our clients showed us this. Let’s take the example of Strawberry. She is passionate about fruits and has a dedicated website where she writes everyday about how healthy and tasty fruits are. So she wanted to help her readers to learn more about her big passion and created a weekly online trivia quiz about fruits. It looks like this:

online quiz

How do you like it? We think Strawberry did an amazing job!

Online polls – analyze & discover

Well, in this case although your first thought is oriented for politics, online polls can have many, many other purposes. In a business, a simple poll can be an easy way to gather a general opinion, to see a trend, to figure out the best solution. You can use it to elect the employee of the month, to collect votes to see which partnership your marketing team wants to do first, place it on social networks and find out which artist your community wants to see on your next event. Depending on your business profile, polls can be means to seek pertinent, anonymous answers over a specific subject.

123FormBuilder web form builder can give you the tools to easily create, customize and share such polls. You can see reports, show them to your voters and establish a clear path to go through.

When it comes to polls, the first example that pops is Mr. Curious. He runs a small business that sells happiness and he constantly wants to find out all about his employees. His principle is that satisfied employees produce more happiness and it’s good for his business. That’s why each week he publishes a poll on their website  to discover the general opinion inside his company. This week he wanted to buy a coffee machine to boost employees’ energy bar but did not know what kind of coffee employees drink to make them so joyful.  Here is how the poll looked like:

online poll

Do you like it? Tell us more about how you will use online quizzes or polls in the comment section below.


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