Some Of Our Most Used Integrations And How They Can Help You


by 123FormBuilder

Our web forms can be integrated with a large number of available apps, each especially designed to help different aspects of your business or organization. Here are some of the most used integrations and how it helps our users.

Wix Integration

This is not an integration per se, it’s more of a healthy relationship between two services complementing each other. Wix is a cloud-based website building platform and its users are very fond of our forms, thus inserting them inside their website for multiple purposes such as collecting payments, event registrations, surveys, increasing mailing lists and much more. Read more on how our integration with Wix can help you reach your business goals.

Google Drive Integration

Here’s an integration for really organized users, which is also one of our favourite. Our Google Drive integration allows users to import submissions straight into a spreadsheet. All submissions will appear neatly inside the same document.

Nation Builder Integration

Community managers love keeping in touch with their stakeholders and we love helping them do just that. Thanks to our NationBuilder integration, you can easily connect people with you cause by creating and posting contact forms, surveys and many more types of forms within your websites.

MailChimp Integration

This is one for our faithful email marketers. Our MailChimp integration is used to greatly increase your mailing lists. Simply put, when your visitors fill out the form with their contact details, the information is sent straight to your MailChimp account. From that point on, it highly depends on your organization’s needs, but here are a few tips: 40 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails.

Dropbox Integration

Everybody knows about Dropbox and how great they are for file management and sharing. We saw the number of people who loved it so we decided to integrate with them. When visitors upload files through your forms, they go straight to your dedicated 123FormBuilder folder inside your Dropbox account. The great news here is that we now allow for multiple file upload at the same time!

These are just some of our most used integrations and how they help our users achieve their business goals. Which ones have you found to be the most useful?

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