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by 123FormBuilder

Your forms are awesome lead generators – the user comes in, completes the form with his contact details and then passes the ball to you. You’ve got a large list of potential clients which need to be acted on in order to get them to convert into customers.

That’s why integrating with powerful tools like SalesForce, Marketo and VerticalResponse was a no brainer for us. We wanted to offer our users a way of capitalizing on their hard-worked leads by transferring them to some of the best tools on the market.


salesforce integration for web forms

When it comes to interacting with your customer SalesForce is simply the best. Segment your users and target them at the right time with the Marketing Cloud, or engage them directly through the Sales Cloud. Need a way to offer CRM to your clients after winning them? Then add our SalesForce integration now , and move your contacts to the next step of your sales process.


web form marketo integration

So you’ve collected a big list full of juicy emails, what’s next?
With Marketo you can develop and qualify leads that turn into buyers with personalized email campaigns and deep segmentation. Take the leads you’ve gathered from your Contact Form, use the Marketo integration and start creating email campaigns right away.

Vertical Response

vertical response form integration

VerticalResponse is similar with Marketo, but offers a simpler option of automating welcome letters and follow-up emails. Use this integrations to move leads into VerticalResponse, use their drag-n-drop editor and create emails for targeting your clients.


webhooks integration for web forms

Webhooks are the fishermen of the internet. Throw in a hook, and watch data being pulled out of the vast ocean known as the internet, and store it into your own database so you can directly display it on your website or do whatever you wish with it. By enable WebHooks integration, 123FormBuilder will automatically send all submitted form data through HTTP POST.

So, what are you waiting for? Foster your lead generation with these 4 amazing apps exclusively on Platinum, including the other 28 applications already available on Gold as well.

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