Scary Stories from the Lives of Our Form Builders

Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica

How are you preparing for Halloween? We’ve asked our form builders to recall their scariest moments. Here are some of the stories we’ve gathered.

Warning: proceed with care, they might leave a scar on you too!

The premonitory dream


Halloween scary stories

A few years ago, walking home one evening, I was ambushed on the street by an unknown person. He didn’t hurt me, but he could have. The scary part is… I had a detailed dream about it the night before.

The cockroaches


Halloween scary stories

It happened a couple of years ago. I had a neighbor who lived 3 apartments from my place, on the same floor. I’m guessing he was really messy, hardly cleaned his apartment at all. In the meantime, hundreds of cockroaches started to evolve and lay eggs everywhere. They spread through the entire building. At first, the other neighbors didn’t care much about the infestation, so even if I called extermination for my apartment, the critters would have been back in 2 weeks. And it went like this for three to four months.

I remember sleeping during the night with the lamp on, and from time to time, I would open my eyes just to make sure there isn’t a cockroach on the wall opposite of the bed. Sometimes, I would wake up during the night or in the morning and find one or two cockroaches running on my desk. I couldn’t eat in the kitchen either.

This one evening, I was typing at my laptop when a cockroach came running towards me on the desk. I jumped like crazy and almost fell from my chair.

I remember when the extermination guys got to the apartment from where the infestation started – or as I would call it – Ground Zero. I’m not lying when I say this, but there were at least a hundred cockroaches, red and black, running up and down of the drapes. After that day, the person who rented the apartment was thrown out. The landlord told me that, if it weren’t for a neighbor telling him that he saw the cockroaches on the drapes from outside of the street (the apartment is on the 4th floor), we wouldn’t believe it.

Cockroaches are disgusting! Bleah!

The invisible force

Anonymous form builder

Halloween scary stories

Some time ago I was walking down the same stairs as any other day. There was no one else around, just me. Suddenly I felt something push me. Next thing I know, I found myself down at the end of the stairs, with my foot broken, as I had landed on it incorrectly.

The little boy


Halloween scary stories

So… I used to work with kids, organizing birthday parties and stuff like this. One evening, I was with a little girl of 3-4 years, and we were waiting for her parents to come and take her home. We were playing in a room filled with toys when she asked me “What is that boy doing in the other room?” There was no one in the other room, and the lights were off. I said “there’s no boy”, but she insisted there was and wanted to know what he was doing in there. So I got up, took her with me, took my other colleague, closed the doors, and we were out of the building. We waited for her parents outside. Since then nobody has ever stayed there alone anymore, without someone else breathing in the room.

The classical mouse


Halloween scary stories

When I was in primary school, a mouse went over my feet in the classroom. Initially, I didn’t know what it was. When I realized it was a mouse and reacted “calmly”, as you could imagine, I didn’t want to go to school for a while…

We’ve also run a quick internal survey to find out what scares our people so much that they’re getting goosebumps just by thinking about it.

Here are some of the answers we’ve got:

  • death
  • bills
  • that we live in a simulation and nothing has a purpose
  • the idea of being burnt alive
  • I am sleeping and a mouse is biting my ear
  • that somebody could read my mind

Now, how about you? We would love to hear your blood-curdling story! 


Cristina Petrica

by Cristina Petrica 123FormBuilder

Cristina is a Content Writer for 123FormBuilder. She helps the company communicate the product through blog posts, landing pages, brochures, infographics, and email marketing messages. She's always eager to learn new skills, so when she's not writing she's brushing up on UX Design principles or flirting with photography.


  1. when I was about seven years old me and my dad went for a walk in the woods, and I had a stuffed animal in my backpack, and it feel out of my backpack so I went to bend over and get it, but at the same time there was an owl who went to get it and it got stuck in my hair, which is already curly enough and ratty enough, so I was freaking out and the owl was as well, hissing, howling, and screaming. So, my dad turned around, and tried to swat it out, or scream at it, but it just made it worse to be honest. Finally from all the pulling and trying to get out it finally released and flew away. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, just a few scratches and cuts, but ever since then I am scared of flying objects, alive or not!!! #LifeLongFear
    For those who are all about their hair, and all that stuff I would recommend you be careful out in the woods, and around nature, or wear a hat or scarf or something, because it is not fun AT ALL!!! My hair is now short, cause I had to cut the section out that was pulled out!! So BEWARE OF O-W-L-S!!!!!

  2. The band director handed me a document that needed to be converted to a form the same day as student orientation…It was terrifying until 123 Formbuilder made it possible to build in minutes. I had to fake a near death to make everyone think it was a monumental task.

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