How SaaS Companies Handle Customer Inquiries Through Web Forms

Selling your software on a subscription basis is not as easy as giving out grapes in the market at a fair price during winter. After doing your research, you get to know more about your consumers and create personas that turn into user categories. Then you get into segmentation and turn each user category into a selling package. After that, you come up with ideas to create custom plans for those that have special requirements. Finally, you need to keep your customers happy by funneling feedback and offering customer support. How do you all this? With web forms.

  • Collect information about your users on sign up or after they’ve been onboarded. This will help you understand more about their background and how they use your software. An order form can do just that, just customize it with the fields that you need. Not only do you get paid immediately, but you also collect some valuable information about your customer, that in return will help you shape your software’s identity.
  • Offer predefined selectables in your order form that will help you segmentate your users into user categories. For example, add a dropdown and populate it with different business types that the buyer has to select before getting your software. You can then process the responses of all your customers into a report with graphic representations and find out which type of businesses use your software more.
  • Create a custom inquiry form that users may fill out if they want to upgrade to a tailored version of the software that meets their needs better.
  • Share a feedback form with your customers within the software, on your website or by email. This will help you improve your services.
  • Create a customer support form that users may fill out whenever they require technical assistance.

How can you do it?

At 123FormBuilder, we’ve encountered the following story:

One SaaS company is selling different consultant services that are provided in a software. These services are provided through separate packages, each at a different price.

What they needed:
An online order form that will pre-fill and lock certain fields/options based on the selected service plan package.

What they received:
A complex order form that did just that with the use of mathematical operations and conditional logic, backed up by professional assistance from technical support specialists.

For selling your software on the Web, create an order form with the use of the order form template or build one from scratch in the form editor. If you have a PayPal account, use the PayPal integration and enable recurrent payment on the order form. Now you can create subscriptions without moving a muscle, as they are automatically created on first purchase.

Automate and optimize all internal procedures and client communication with web forms. Add a contact form to your contact page or turn it directly into a submit a ticket form. Add an inquiry form on your pricing page or use feedback forms from time to time by sharing them on social media and email. Enhance communication between company departments through web forms that trigger SMS notifications, send messages by email and transfer data to various third party CRMs, such as MailChimp or SalesForce. Or use the API to manipulate all collected data in your own database.

All of it can be done with 123FormBuilder. Learn more about how we help your SaaS by contacting us.

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