Rock Your Lead Generation: Announcing the 123FormBuilder Integration with Unbounce


by 123FormBuilder

Seeking an end-to-end solution to build lead generation forms and landing pages that convert? Well, have we got a launch for you! 123FormBuilder now integrates with Unbounce and is part of the Unbounce Conversion Ecosystem, bringing two essential pieces of the marketing puzzle together. Advanced forms and landing pages: just what you need to rock your next campaign!

Unbounce helps marketers build, publish and A/B test targeted landing pages without having to rely on I.T. resources. Marketers often need to launch campaigns quickly, then test and iterate to optimize their pages. Unbounce offers a robust, fast and easy way to create winning landing pages to make the most of your resources and marketing spend.

With the new 123FormBuilder & Unbounce integration, you can now pair and test advanced lead gen forms with landing pages. Get advanced lead generation forms to embed on your landing pages, then run A/B tests to choose highest performing variants while recording a conversion with each form submission. There’s no code to write, just compelling CTAs and great copy to go with your visuals.

P.S.: If you are not yet an Unbounce user, scroll down to check out the great promotion at the end of the article!

Create your advanced lead generation forms with 123FormBuilder

Your landing page forms help you capture visitors as leads so you can add them to your database and market to them better, as you customize experiences to their needs. It’s essential for forms to be as friendly as they are relevant to your strategy, in order to collect as many of the right leads as possible and pre-qualify them for future marketing campaigns. Forms are generally seen as an utility; but they can and should be fun to fill in, too and give visitors a sense of your brand personality.

With 123FormBuilder it takes just a few minutes to create powerful landing page forms that can get the conversation off to a great start. From clean and simple sign-up forms to more elaborate surveys with field branching and conditional logic, you are free to pick and customize your own (either from our form templates gallery or from scratch).

The 123FormBuilder design editor helps you customize your forms to match your brand identity and landing page look and feel. You will never have to worry about form security, as 123FormBuilder offers all the options for keeping spam and hackers away: CAPTCHA, SSL encryption and more! It’s even possible to receive orders and secure payments directly on the form, through integrated payment gateways.

Publishing a 123FormBuilder web form on your Unbounce landing page is a simple process. Once you have the final form, copy the JavaScript embed code from the Publish section and paste it onto your page’s Custom HTML widget.

To make things even easier, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on the Unbounce integration. As you can see, it’s just a few simple steps to publish your form on a landing page and start testing. You can even embed the same form on multiple different landing pages, to customize messaging to different markets as needed.

Take your landing pages to the next level with Unbounce

Unbounce DIY landing page platformWith over 6,000 happy customers that have generated more than 23 million leads, Unbounce is one of the top tools that every smart marketer should have in their kit. Their highly-acclaimed conversion optimization blog is packed with tried and tested advice for online marketers.

The 123FormBuilder integration with Unbounce will help you collect leads from all of your landing pages and include advanced forms in your A/B testing process. While you are experimenting with variants and tweaking layouts, your form will collect leads that you can import and update into your Unbounce Leads database. You can mark form submissions as conversions using our special backend integration. Here is a short guide on how to enable form conversion tracking and how to push form leads back into your Unbounce account.

As we announced you are in for a surprise, here is the moment to unveil it. We have a special discount from Unbounce to get you started. All 123FormBuilder users can claim a special offer: 50% off Unbounce following your free trial! Awesome, isn’t it? Get yours now and start using the 123FormBuilder integration with Unbounce to supercharge your marketing efforts!

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