Recruitment forms for the well being of staff, management and clients – Wild Wellbeing Ltd. [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

The life of event planners has to be organized, with all pieces in place and with eyes open for the unexpected. For them, time is precious and finding shortcuts in their work without compromising the quality of the outcome is a goldmine. For this reason, event professionals are among the early adopters of new tech and apps. Even more, they tend to recognize a good tool when they see it.

We even have a clear example that will show you just how important it is to find a suitable solution to ease the management of resources – Wild Wellbeing Ltd.

Wild Wellbeing Ltd offers high-end and accessible event consultancy with tailored services. They handle design and execution of festivals productions, corporate and private events and even pop-up experiences in different “wild” settings.

The company saw a rise in demand this year and this has made the founding partners, Claire Hamilton (Creative Director, Programming & Creative Content) and Colette Crespin (Head of New Business, Marketing and PR), to seek a new data management system. Their business expanded and they now have a large database of their staff, all divided into different specializations. They recruit highly trained therapists for each service their clients request during the bespoke events.

Although the center of their business is the wellbeing of people, the irony is that at times they grew further from their own health and wellbeing that one can imagine. They were spending lots of hours sorting out and consolidating all the hand created documents. All that focus and attention not to miss submissions and to organize them accordingly was fatiguing and inefficient. Thus, the idea of 123FormBuilder recruitment forms published on Squarespace, where they’ve built the website, was a welcomed asset for the business.

Now, Wild Wellbeing recruits the trainers through beautiful branded forms. They have all the forms available on their website and a single place where they gather all the submissions – 123FormBuilder.

colette crespin“123FormBuilder has been amazing in saving us time, giving us efficient information and support, as well as being a very easy service to navigate.  We love it!”

Colette Crespin (Founder, Wild Wellbeing Ltd).

It’s not only easier to manage but friendlier for the future collaborators. Each applicant has the option of to upload resumes, photos and other relevant documents through the forms and receive custom autoresponders to confirm their submission.

With the use of forms, the business can even expand their reach by integrating social buttons on forms and placing dedicated fields to gather more data for promotional purposes.

Wild Wellbeing is a great example of how well forms can blend yet another type of small business and help them in matters of time allotted and resources spent.

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