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by 123FormBuilder

Whether you’re a real estate professional, you own a house and you have a room for rent or you’re a property owner and you want to lease a residential property, an online Rental Lease Agreement Form will help you set up all  the rental details and conditions.

A Rental Lease Agreement Form, otherwise known as a Rental Agreement or a Rental Contract, is usually used for renting property. However it can also be used for the rental of furniture, electronics or appliances.

Creating it online will simplify the process and bring you multiple benefits such as higher visibility, the option of having multi-language forms, increased audience reach, 24/7 availability and data security.

A Rental Lease Agreement form usually includes lease provisions such as: the date, the names of the  lessor and the lessee, property address, monthly rent, deposit amount and terms (if that’s the case), the term of lease of the property, specific restrictions and conditions for lease termination.

You may or may not need to add more terms and conditions to your form, nonetheless you can conveniently use our Rental Lease Agreement Form Template as a starting point. The whole process of creating your desired form involves 3 easy steps: edit, choose settings and publish.

rental lease agreement form template

If you need to stipulate additional terms you can go ahead and handily add more fields. That’s going to be a breeze thanks to our drag and drop editor. And if the length of your form turns out to be longer, you can simply set multiple pages and display the next step, by adding a Page Break field to your form.  

For example, you can split your form in 3 pages like this:

 General Property Information- where you can add property address fields,  the names of the  lessor and the lessee and other relevant information

⇾ Lessor and Lessee Responsibilities- here you can clarify aspects like who will take care of potential repairs

⇾ Other Provisions- if you need to include pet or parking provisions

After adding all the necessary fields, you can adapt themes, logos, fonts and colors to your form needs. If you don’t want to be associated with a third party, as a White Label user, you have the option to delete the references to 123FormBuilder.  

Embedding the form on your website, blog and social media platforms  will help you increase visibility and audience reach.

With the 123FormBuilder web form creator, you don’t have to worry about form security either. Features such as Antispam protection, Password Protection, Country filter, IP blocking and SSL  Encryption  will help you build secure online forms.

Since our Form Builder integrates with a wide variety of 3rd party apps, Real Estate professionals can benefit from using CRM’s, Email Marketing, File and Project Management apps to their advantage. The 3rd party apps that 123FormBuilder integrates with, include but are not limited to SalesForce, Top Producer, Zoho, VerticalResponse, Google Drive, Smartsheet, Google Calendar, Dropbox or Webhooks.

You can take advantage of the benefits of paperless signing by adding a Digital Signature form field.  This will allow you to get your Rental Lease Agreement digitally signed by both parties and ensure its authenticity.

If you need help in creating a Rental Lease Agreement form to suit your needs or any other type of online form, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or email.

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