Real Estate Forms – 10 Benefits for Your Business


by 123FormBuilder

Real estate specialists are required when people sell a home, apply for or renew a mortgage, rent a home, buy one and also for insurance purposes. Therefore, they have different categories of clients and every category has its own characteristics. Real estate is a very competitive field, so it’s important to have a professional website to attract more visitors and eventually, potential customers. To turn more leads into customers, this type of business also requires excellent real estate forms.

Real estate forms – the doorway leading to your business

Real estate forms are a great way to expand your network, connect with prospects and adapt to their changing needs. Many potential clients begin their search online, so your website works as a presentation of your services and offers. However, those real estate forms you have integrated into your website are the tools that actually build communication and business relationships. They’re the doorway to your business and by using real estate forms, you’ll keep it open.

You’ve definitely seen a website that looks great, has great traffic, but there aren’t too many generated leads! In many cases, the way real estate forms are designed and where they are placed, influences lead generation.

You can use a tenant application form, online rental application form template, or event registration form, but you can also create any other type of real estate forms you need such as lead generation forms for business consultants. Using 123FormBuilder online form builder, you just add the desired title and customize them the way you need.

How real estate forms can benefit your business

Now, let’s see in detail how real estate forms can help your business grow.

1. Cost-cutting is a great advantage of using real estate forms. There’s no need to organize expensive focus groups or use expensive printed materials. Being productive at minimal cost is essential in any type of business and real estate forms can help you with that.

2. Multiple and extremely useful 3rd party integrations. As real estate forms built with 123FormBuilder include advanced payment features, you can set various calculation formulas and set discounts. Our integration with reliable payment processors facilitates easy adjustment to various customers.

3. Effectively designed real estate forms combined with 3rd party integrations are what you need for manage and automate data, ease workflow, get notified faster, generate and export reports for analysis. In a nutshell, all these features are the perfect ingredient for servicing all your customers better and more efficiently. Discover what how our integration with Top Producer can grow your business!

4. Improve brand awareness. Real estate forms can also be fully customized. The white label solution is excellent for adding your logo, website link, which translates into better brand awareness. And that’s not all! Your real estate forms can also be published on social media pages and blogs. And they are also responsive. This means brand consistency and better exposure, so more chances to reach a wider audience.

5. Need a digital signature on your real estate forms? This is also possible and great for work reports, terms of service agreements quotes for real estate business and more. Plus, your customers can give their signature even while they’re on the run and you’ll receive the email in your 123FormBuilder account.

6. Reports will be generated in the shape of pies and charts, which enables you to see all results almost instantly. You can also create surveys that can be split into several pages or you can use rules to ease the flow of questions and make filling out a web form a smooth task.

7. You can build real estate forms that offer customers the possibility to access valuable content such as industry reports or whitepapers. This type of content is an incentive for potential clients to share information with you. Plus, it helps you segment your customers and find out the buyer’s journey stage they’re part of.

8. What your customers believe about your services is extremely important. That’s why you need an online feedback form adapted to your real estate business. It’s a simple way to receive comments and suggestions from your clients. At the same time, it’s the starting point for making smart changes.

9. Real estate forms have another advantage. Since you specify the information you need, you’ll get exactly what you require. So, you won’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary details that waste your time and make data managing difficult.

10. And one more thing: irrespective of what type of real estate forms you use, they are available 24/7. Thus, they are always there for you and time zone differences won’t be a problem anymore. Isn’t this great?

If you’ve created and used real estate forms, drop us a line and tell us your opinion! What other features would you need? Are there other benefits?

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