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Autumn is a season when sales usually increase. Lots of promotions are happening as Halloween and Black Friday, as well as many other events and feasts bring great opportunities for online shops. This is the time when business owners could use easy tools such as web forms to make the shopping experience even quicker and easier, thus increasing revenue. Yes, the competition is difficult, but by using order forms this fall could be very productive for you.

Online forms are extremely valuable for any business. By using them, a business owner can collect data, contact information and feedback from his prospective customers. Gone are the days when creating online forms involved coding. Nowadays, things have changed. Almost anyone can create their own forms with the help of a web form builder that features a drag&drop editor, which makes everything very easy.

Why Web Forms?

First of all, the process of integrating them into the website structure, Facebook or Twitter page is a breeze. In addition, an online form is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Excepting the times when it is scheduled to go inactive, e.g. if your offer is limited in time.

E-commerce is very challenging as many shops are launched daily. Moreover, many people have smartphones and tablets, so make sure that your forms are responsive. Selling products online means no face to face interaction with your customers. Fortunately, some forms can compensate for that as they are great tools for measuring your customers’ satisfaction.

You can build online surveys to find out more about their shopping experience, your products, customer service and how your online shop compares to others from the same field.  Based on this, you can then customize your order form or other type of form appropriately.

Web forms save you time and money. Imagine how it would be to find people to participate in your surveys the old-fashioned way: approaching them on the street, in a shop or sending printed surveys via mail.

How To Turn Visitors Into Customers Through Web Forms

Forms are great tools that can convert your visitors into customers. Using an online form builder you can create multiple types of forms for e-commerce such as order forms, feedback forms, customer satisfaction surveys, check request forms, contact forms and more. Such type of forms will get your business to a higher level. To manage this, you will have to consider several aspects before starting to create various types of forms for e-commerce as it follows:

1. Try to include less fields, but this depends on the type of form and business. Keep your form simple and decide which is the right submission time. It has been proved that is more likely for people to fill in their event registration form after lunch, surveys in the morning and contact forms in the evening. However, it seems that contests are submitted mostly during the midday and also in the evening.

2. Analyze the form logic as well. This means you have to think very well what field comes next, about options, what fields are relevant for users and when they should be shown.

3. Reassure users that their answers and data stay confidential because people are reluctant when it comes to fill in their personal information. Under these circumstances, a good idea would be to mention terms of service within the form in order to create trust. Additionally, specify how the gathered data will be used and the reason why you need it. It’s a great way to ensure users that they won’t be included to different email lists that are shared with others.

4. Being user friendly is also a must. By adding irrelevant fields or making some of them mandatory even if they are not so important, the user will abort the form.

5. Help text below some of the forms guides users and shows that the survey or the order form you have created is serious.

6. Form design is important. Also analyze the call-to-action buttons, color scheme, what surrounds the form on the website and where the form is placed. Avoid text cluttering, too many colors and calls-to-actions that make form submission more difficult. A call to action above the embedded forms, for example, can also help.

7. The submit button should be named differently. It should be customized based on what you offer such as “Claim your coupon!” or “Sign up for our offer!”.

8. The forms should be placed above the fold on a landing page, meaning that the users don’t have to scroll down to notice the form. At the same time, a prospective customer will know instantly how to get the product and what he has to do.

9. Saved accounts are also great as a customer has to fill in his data only once. He just has to authenticate and all the data he entered before will be there. An account is not only the first step in an order form, but it also speeds up the buying process.

A Few Real Life Use Cases For Order Forms

Due to so many advantages, many businesses have used online forms to increase revenue and gather important data about their customers. One of them is Sole Farms – a medium-sized business in Miami. The company imports and distributes fresh flowers in Northern America. Sole Farms wanted to improve online conversions and their main goal was to direct prospective clients to the contact page where they have many discounts displayed and people can ask for quotes.

The previous form builders they used were not so effective as the contact form they had failed several times to deliver submissions. Fortunately, 123FormBuilder was the best solution for them. It was the only tool that could gather the information their needed regarding the leads through basic fields. And all these at a convenient price! Read all their story!

Proflowers is a similar case. This business also used forms to increase conversion rates up to 40%. The client has to just pick the day when he wants the flowers to be delivered. Many questions are eliminated and if you’re a first time buyer, you do not have to sign up.

Helzberg Diamonds has great checkout forms, too. They save the accounts of the previous customers and display the main steps for the new customers. Everything is clear, so the client understands in the blink of an eye what he has to do next.

Dropbox has almost the same approach as they require only what they need. There are no verification codes, no re-enter password field, no birth date, username, security questions, so the process is extremely simplified.

There are many burning questions related to web forms for e-commerce. The above mentioned ideas are very helpful, but perhaps the best thing you can do is to try A/B testing and see for yourself what really works and what not.

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