Problem accessing


by 123FormBuilder

Problem accessing

We are not referring to a present situation, but to an issue that affects some of our users from time to time: becomes unavailable and forms don’t show up or don’t work.

This happens for the following reason: an Internet Service Provider blacklists our domain because it detects abusing forms created with our service. Users of that ISP can’t access anymore.

What happens?

Some bad guys – called phishers – try to steal information from people surfing the web. The easiest way for them to get that information is by requesting it. Why do people give it out? Because they are unaware of the malicious purposes in which it is requested.

Phishers create online forms and use branding elements that trick users into believing that the form has actually been created by a company or an institution that they trust. The message that phishers send to users usually says that:

  • users’ email accounts are about to be suspended, unless they log in through a form to confirm the fact that they want to keep the account;
  • the email box capacity has reached its limit and it will be shut down, again, unless users confirm their identity and get extra space (this is usually directed towards college students, with email addresses created on the University’s domain);
  • users can gain access to special offers if they log in with their email username and password;
  • users can purchase a product/service at a very attractive price and are asked to provide their credit card information.

Phishers may abuse our service to achieve their purpose and these are situations that we can’t prevent. What we can do (and care very much about doing thoroughly) is ban these forms as soon as possible. We use both automated scripts and manual verification (each form is reviewed manually) in order to detect and ban abusing forms.

However, nothing is perfect and some forms used for phishing are removed too late from our server. Meanwhile, someone reports the form to a different insitution, like their Internet Service Provider. In order to protect users, ISPs blacklist the entire domain where the phishing forms are hosted without talking this over with domain owners. In our particular situation, this means that ISPs don’t allow users to access anymore. In fact, once the phishing form is banned, there is no threat anymore.

What to do?

In order for this problem to be solved and for you to be able to access your forms again, all that needs to be done is have the domain whitelisted. Therefore:

a) Please contact your Internet Service Provider / the IT department / the people who manage your network, explain to them what’s happening (link to this article, if you want to) and ask them to whitelist our domain.

b) Tell us who your ISP is or, even better, send us their contact details and we’ll explain the situation to them directly, so as to have the domain whitelisted. a) and b) usually work best together.

Thank you for your cooperation both in reporting phishing forms and in helping us whitelist when needed.


  1. Bonjour,
    nous n’avons plus accès à votre site web depuis notre entreprise. votre site nous retourne l’adresse au lieu de Notre FAI est Orange (France) et notre IP

    merci de me dire si vous avez bien pris en compte mon mail.


    1. Hi Matthew! is our domain IP, I couldn’t find any domain under Could you email us at and share us more details/screenshots about this situation? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Hi Jayson. Thank you for contacting us about this. That form was used for phishing purposes. We have banned that account permanently. If you stumbled upon another form that seems suspicious, please contact us to take action against it.

  2. I have had a 123 Form Builder contact form at my website for probably a few years. All of a sudden, it doesn’t show up when I click to view it. How can I tell if this is a temporary outage of 123 Form Builder or if I’m somehow a victim of phishing? How can I know if my potential customers are experiencing the same issue? Thank you

    1. Our servers experienced an issue a few hours ago which was dealt with as swiftly as possible.
      Our platform is online now and we are certain no such error will occur in the near future. We took all necessary measures to ensure that this unpleasant situation will not happen again.
      You can always check the status of your website here
      We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident.

  3. I believe.i have been scammed and recieved a check for 3500 hundred dollars in order gain my bank account number using one of your forms.please contact me 5013059296

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