Web Forms And Wall Art Style [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

As humans, we love visuals. We’re surrounded by holiday photographs, look at pretty images in magazines, drop an eye at web infographics, visit painting galleries, basically look for and feel attracted by visual materials of all kinds. Be they visuals that belong to the cultural sphere, commercials or hobby illustrations, we all have a soft spot for some of them.

Because we like visuals, we sometimes feel the need to use them in designing our surrounding. A nice thing you can do with your home, or even with your office, is decorate it with inspiring photographs, paintings, images with a more or less artistic feel.

One business is a great resource for decorative visuals: Photocarve is a provider of images as wall art style, based in the UK. What they do is take your desired image and turn it into a wonderful decorative object that revitalizes your plain walls.


Web forms help the creation of wall art style

Nel Hargrave, Photocarve’s manager, tells us a bit about the challenge his art and design business was facing. Their work is created by taking the customer’s picture and transforming it into handsome artwork for the customer to display on their wall. For being able to craft that image though, Photocarve needed an effective way for receiving orders, for allowing payments, for letting customers choose different image sizes, and for empowering customer image uploads. Tough job to find a tool that offers an all-in-one solution.

Luckily, 123FormBuilder could provide the right solution that Photocarve needed for their new business idea and the requirements this implied. While alternatives such as Wix online shop existed on the market, 123FormBuilder was the one to offer the required image upload feature.

As a Wix user, Nel found the 123FormBuilder app as being the only one available via Wix, which had a file upload feature and payment processor integration ready to be included directly onto the website. Whilst he could have used other apps with embedding the code, this might not have been a successful solution for his pre-built website.

Photograve started using 123FormBuilder for creating order forms with multiple pricing options for their different image sizes offered to customers.


Asked about what convinced him to use our form builder for handling his business needs, Nel answered immediately:

The facilities offered. Also, the customer service has been incredible. Fast, friendly and very knowledgeable.

Thank you, Nel! Our support makes a short victory dance every time they hear such kind words (though, I should mention that victory dances are quite often seen in our office).

In terms of outcome, web forms helped Nel’s business in a way we hope couldn’t have been better. By employing online order forms with the custom options like image upload possibilities and direct payments, Photocarve gained an one step order and payment process for their customers, rather than a complicated one where order would have been placed in one place, payment would’ve been made somewhere else, and images would have needed a separate sending through email.

This is how Nel uses 123FormBuilder for Photocarve. How about you? Share your story with us and let us know how we did!

Image credit: Photocarve

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  1. Very interesting and clever idea, well done on being the SOLUTION.
    I have shared this via my G+ account, hope you are cool wiht that.

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