Our Team Has Two New Internationals!


by 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilderers, we’d like you to meet our two new international colleagues, by the name of Larissa Misch (left) and Huri Adilova (right). It’s a pleasure working with them and everyone at 123FormBuilder is very happy they’ve joined our team. I’ll let them talk about where they’re from and tell you more about them.

1. Where are you from and why did you choose to work in Romania?

Larissa Misch: I am from Brazil.  I had just graduated from my university so I decided it was the perfect moment to have an experience abroad where I would have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Moreover, it was always my main goal to come to Europe, because I have a German passport so I knew it would make the process easier, without needing to apply for a VISA and I could work normally here. So when the opportunity for Romania came, it was perfect because it was also something different than the places I have lived before (because I did an exchange in Holland for 6 months during my time at university). Besides, I was also very interested in the position which was offered to me because I would work in an area that I was always interested about (Marketing).

Huri Adilova: I am from Azerbaijan and I got married in Romania, so I had to work here, it wasn’t really a choice. But I have to mention that before I got married I decided to be volunteer in Romania. It was interesting for me to be in Balkan country of which I had a stereotypical image. And Romania was the biggest reason in my life not to have stereotypes about anyone or anywhere ever again.

2. What other countries have you visited?

Larissa: Argentina, Spain, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Huri: I studied at university in Turkey and the UK. Because I was a board member and a trainer at an NGO, I visited a few countries: Russia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, USA, Qatar, Dubai, Australia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, France.

3. Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

Larissa: Mel B, I love how fierce and powerful she is. Since I was little I’ve chosen her when my friends and I were playing their songs and dancing.

Huri: Melanie C. I don’t know why you ask me such a question, honestly. As a woman I don’t prefer to have famous and especially beautiful WOMEN idols. I am jealous. *jokingly*

4. What is your biggest quality?

Larissa: I think I am a very outgoing and communicative person that is always open to meet new people.

Huri: I think I am sociable and it helps me in life to adapt to any environment. I can easily communicate with anyone as long as we speak the same language.

5. What quality do you admire in people?

Larissa: Kindness and being open-minded. People that respect others and are not judgmental.

Huri: Calmness. I admire calm people and I believe that it keeps them happy and young.

6. If you were to participate on The Voice, what song would you sing?

Larissa: The Beatles – Blackbird. It is my favourite song and since I relate so much to the lyrics it would be easier to connect with it.

Huri: Christina Aguilera – Fighter. I know that I can’t sing so it’s better to choose something hardcore. At least it would be fun.

7. What is the one invention you can’t live without?

Larissa: Smartphones which include internet, I suppose. But since the smartphone is not that useful without WiFi or a 3G connection I guess I need to say internet.

Huri: Electricity. I can’t even imagine life without electricity. Not because of light or computers or mobile devices. I don’t need any of them for surviving. But without a fridge and a washing machine for washing clothes I can’t survive.

8. Describe your life in one movie.

Larissa: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Friendship is one of the most important things for me so I guess any movie that has it as the central plot I can relate with, but this specially shows me that sometimes, even if you are taking different paths, if the friendship is real, it will remain and we will always be able to count on each other even if we are not together all the time anymore.

Huri: The Hangover. I won’t say why, but I can say that after one hangover my whole life had changed.

9. What is the one thing you would like to achieve in life?

Larissa: Travel around the world, having the opportunity to experience and see all the beauty that there is in every country.

Huri:  I would like to have the best NGO in the world. I worked a lot of years as a project coordinator and wrote projects about global issues. I would like to know that my projects are famous and have success in a lot of countries. Not just in few countries.

10. What do you like at 123FormBuilder?

Larissa: I like the environment and the modern thinking. It is nice to be part of a company you really feel takes your opinion into consideration and is constantly asking for your feedback. Also, the company has a lot of initiatives to make the ambient as pleasant and as nice as possible,  so you really do things with passion here because you really want to see the company grow and become more and more successful.

Huri: Flexibility and friendly atmosphere. When I came here, I didn’t expect such working conditions. And I was very worried because all of my life I worked in a NGO environment which is not strict. I never took orders from anyone and I was worried about what if it’s a place that everyone is “bossy”. Thank God my worries were for nothing. I got friendly feedback and a flexible atmosphere. So nothing could be better.

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