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Web design is a very challenging field that involves ambition, creativity, strategic thinking and patience. As the number of professionals within this field grows, it’s vital, as a web designer to create your own site that promotes your services in a new and effective way. This will make you more credible and you will have the chance to interact much easier with your potential customers.

The first thing you should consider is to think very well what you want the world to know about you and your services. What makes you and your work different? Keep in mind that if you’re able to understand your own business, you will get into the minds of your clients as well. Communicating effectively with your target audience helps you understand what the client wants and sell your services faster than the rest. Thus, you will definitely have an edge over competitors.

Start with a sketch…

A sketch of your website put on a sheet of paper is a very useful process that saves you time, money and helps you have a great site that enhances your qualities as a web designer.

But there’s something more that could help you gather information about your clients, and establish an efficient communication with them: online forms. Web forms can be customized and used as contact forms, surveys, order forms, quote forms and newsletter signup forms. The newsletter signup form should also be personalized and convincing, including a CTA.

Web forms as a statement of your work

Apart from the practical side of web forms, they also become an integral part of the website. Therefore, think of each element you add when creating them because it will have a great impact. With the help of an online form builder that provides a white label form builder solution, you have the possibility to customize your account and create your own form to integrate into your website.

Customizing your address subfields is also easy. Or, you can change your web form theme by choosing any color, font, style, add logo and background image you  need. Actually, you can customize even the tiniest details such as the submit button.

Your work can be made easier by choosing and personalizing a web form template specially designed to cover specific areas and to meet your needs. Customization is piece of cake as almost everything is done with the help of a drag&drop editor that allows you to make changes at the blink of an eye.

As a web designer, you can use different types of online forms to promote your site such as contact forms, surveys, feedback and quote forms. Perhaps the most useful tools to be implemented into your website are feedback forms. Yes, they are one of the most accurate ways to find out how people perceive your services and your experience as a web designer.

Feedback forms are very useful in those situations when people don’t find the information they need on the website. This type of web forms is also perfect for establishing a relationship with customers.

Realizing the mistakes in your work, approach or even regarding your own site design is a great quality that any web designer should have. For example, you could integrate a complaint form in order use the feedback appropriately and prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

A change request form and a check request form are also extremely useful. A change request form saves you time if your clients want to update details on a specific project, while a check request form can be used when you require an advance of your clients’ paycheck. As you can see, these web forms simplify the process of signing up a contract with a client by eliminating more complicated intermediary steps.

Surveys are also very helpful as they provide many important details related to your services, website, prices and many other aspects. Make sure you adapt the survey for your audience and don’t make it too long.

It’s a great opportunity to get insight from outsiders who can see things differently than what you do as they’re not so involved. It gets you a new perspective that leads to a more profound understanding of how others react to your own site, experience and work. Yes, it may be difficult to accept critics, but it can reveal issues that you could never notice.

Looking for partnerships to grow  and promote your business? Simplify your work by adding a partnership agreement form. Customize the online form the way you need, add the norms specific for your country and your online partnership is…done!

A Few Guidelines On How To Use Online Forms Efficiently

Here are a few guidelines on how to use web forms for your design site efficiently:

  1. Keep your surveys or feedback forms short. Too many fields may determine the customer to abort, so make sure you’ll find the best way that won’t lead to missing vital data you need or asking too many details that will make you lose that prospective customer.

  1. Admit and integrate the feedback you gather through complaint forms. Being defensive won’t help you. Instead, be open to suggestions, critics and try to understand someone else’s point of view. Remember that a few critics won’t harm you, but they will maintain your reputation safe.

  1. Give feedback to your reviewers and to other web designers. This way, step by step, you will be able to improve your analyzing skills. On a long run, you’ll become a keen critic, which is a must for a web designer.

  1. Looking for more feedback? Yes, it’s possible. All you have to do is to be a member of special web design communities that offer critiques. Nonetheless, this means more time as you have to first leave comments related to other web designers’ work and stay active in the community you’re already part of.

  1. Avoid irrelevant or duplicate fields. It will take too long to fill them out and the client will soon give up.

  1. Avoid fields with a lot of text. Replace texts with checkboxes or radio buttons.

  1. Add validations on mandatory fields. The messages will inform customers about the errors that emerged.

  1. Include a “Help” section on the form in order to offer assistance on how to fill it in as it should be.

  1. Avoid introducing sudden and too many changes between the sections of a form.

Keep in mind…

There are many other aspects that you should take into consideration. But when it comes to adding online forms on your web designer site, remember that they should:

  • feature an outstanding look and integrate perfectly in the general website design; thus, they say something important about your work as a designer

  • encourage communication between you and customers

  • build a relationship right from the start between you and them

As a final thought, make sure that your online forms include all you need, help your prospective clients, adapt to several problems you have to solve and integrate perfectly in the website structure. As a web designer, what forms would you use for your site? Feel free to share with us some new tips and ideas!

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