Oh, Surprise: Our 123FormBuilder App for Wix Has a New Design


by 123FormBuilder

Here is a shoutout to all Wix users: noticed anything unusual happening lately inside your 123FormBuilder app’s dashboard? We sure did. And we kind of liked what we saw. This is why we decided to make it official with you today: 123FormBuilder for Wix just got a big makeover.

Flat designs, clean patterns and your favorite tools for customizing forms’ design at hand. This is what the new skin of 123FormBuilder is all about. With a trendy flat look and all the controls you need for creating forms even easier than before, the favorite form building app for the majority of Wix users is ready to rock the stage once more. And of course, you are invited to try it.

With 123FormBuilder for Wix, our dedicated app that helps you out in every form-related situation on Wix, you can create quick contact forms, order forms or event registration forms, through to surveys, quizzes and polls. The new app makes it simple to create all these types of forms with no coding and integrate them with the design of your own site. Not only can you build forms, but also see their results at a glance and administer data with ease. Plus: we have integrated the WixHive API, so that you can import form entries to your Wix Contacts dashboard and streamline workflow.


Man, how time flies! We’ve been a long and amazing way so far since 123FormBuilder was launched among the first batch of apps in the Wix App Market, in 2012. As of now, over half a million websites created with Wix include at least one form created with 123FormBuilder. Here is what some of the awesome Wix users are saying about the app:

“I love it! Easy to edit and to work with. Works amazing!”

“This is a great app if you want to build customizable forms. You have a lot of options for form fields, which is great.”

“Easy form builder and great guys!”

Thank you, folks. We too love to be part of the Wix story, as intuitive a website builder as it is. Want to see what all the fuss around the app is about? Give 123FormBuilder a try by adding it to your Wix website directly from the Wix App Market! A free plan is available, while the Premium package adds file storage, Google Drive integration and many more. And keep in mind: all Wix users receive the same level of support from our team at any time.

Happy form building!

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