Have You Met Our New Form Editor?


by 123FormBuilder

Has everyone noticed the sassy new form editor we’ve created? The bigger buttons, the cleaner layout and the overall freshness? We love it! And don’t worry, it’s just the form editor that’s changed, your actual forms will look the same as before. We only made it more user friendly. Do you think we did a good job? Let’s see what’s new!

Changes have been plenty, but we’ll divide them into two categories and look at them separately. Button changes and Layout changes. We’ll start by looking at what modifications have been made to the buttons:

New Form Editor Buttons

The add Basic and Advanced fields have a new position. Before, the Basic fields button was positioned above the Advanced fields button and they would unfold on click. Now they are next to each other, as can be seen in the picture. Practically, this improves the way screens with smaller resolutions view the add fields buttons.

Before and after add fields

You’ve also spotted the differences between the icons, haven’t you? Yes, they’ve changed for both Basic and Advanced Fields and taken a flatter look. Also, if you look closely, they highlight when the cursor hovers over them.

Before and After Label

Apart from the changes mentioned above, there have been a few modifications made to the Edit Field Area. Before the new form editor, the label style was a dropdown option, meaning that only one style could be chosen. Now you can select them to be normal, bold, italic, all of them at once or bold and italic at the same time. Pretty neat, right?

New Form Editor Layout

There have been quite a few changes made in this section. We’ll take them step by step.

Layout options before and after

Straight off the bat you can see some differences. First, the two buttons on top of the Form Layout Option: instead of the Preview button (which was also modified) being on the Form Layout (click to expand) bar, there are now two separate buttons. Furthermore, in terms of functionality there have been several changes. The form width has changed from an input field to a draggable bar. Next, the dropdowns now open when you hover over them, no click required.

These are the changes made to the layout header, now let’s look at the body of the form editor.

before and after Form body

From the start you can see what’s new. New colours for the background and the highlight of the fields. Paddings have been added to the fields, so there is more space between them, making the body look fresher. Apart from that, the Resize, Duplicate and Delete icons have been modified as well as the “Submit” button’s design. These have been the major changes brought to the form editor, but apart from them you’ll see new designs for dropdowns and a number of polished icons. We’ll let you discover them for yourselves.

We hope you enjoy playing around with the new form editor as much as we do and we’re here if you need any help or guidance.

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