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by 123FormBuilder

At 123FormBuilder, we love new features. Our developer team loves working on new features to enhance your platform use, the QA team spends hours testing on them, just to make sure everything works neatly, the marketing team can’t wait to announce the news, and our support team is there for you should you have any questions on how to use the new features.

For the past weeks, our entire team has been packed up with preparing, developing and launching new features. Thus, this post is a short roundup of the bigger or smaller tweaks you can now do with 123FormBuilder and your web forms. Whether we’re talking about new features for the Submissions section or for the Editor, we would like to believe everybody will find a little treat among them.

So, brace yourselves, these are the new features you can use within the 123FormBuilder platform:

Submissions section

1. You can now choose to display a higher number of submissions on one page. While the maximum number was 50, now it is 150.

2. When you look at an individual submission, you can now view extra fields, supposing they are included on the form:
– Payment completed
– Entry ID
– Reference ID
– Request for approval.
You’ll find these extra fields at the bottom of each individual submission info. The fields need to be present on the form, in order to be included in submissions. Watch a short video here.

3. If you wish to resend multiple submissions at once, it’s now possible with just a couple of clicks. Select the submissions you want to resend, look for the ‘Resend selected’ option that appears at the top of the table, and confirm your choice when the dialog box appears.

Admin & management options

1. Save time when downloading files from your Uploads Manager by using the new download multiple files feature.

2. When looking to limit the submissions number from the Security section, you can now limit
– submission count from the same IP per hour
– total number of submissions per hour, day, week, month, year or eternity.


3. Set the time range within which your form should be active, while being in the Grouped View mode. Before, you could only do that while in the Default View mode. Watch a short video here.

4. Choose whether your form should be:
– Active
– Inactive
Active only for admin – that’s you! And this option is a fresh addition. It’s useful whenever you want to view or edit your form without it being live or without seeing the changes in real time.

Form editor options

1. Look at the cursor jump when you have a Phone field on your form. With this field, the cursor will automatically jump to the next box of digits to be completed, once the previous one is done.  Watch a short video here.

2. Add a default value to a Time field.

3. Upload images directly into HTML blocks. Previously, we had dedicated fields for images, Those still exist, don’t worry. Now you can insert images from your computer into an HTML block, while in the past you could only include the link to the image.


4. Let form respondents search for options with help of the new searchable drop-down feature. This will allow them to more easily find an option, especially if your drop-down list has plenty of options.


clearable_radio_button5. Form respondents can now clear a radio button selection entirely. Before, if they made a choice among the radio button options, they could change the option, but not remove the selection entirely.
Activate this feature by going to Edit-> click on radio button field-> Options-> Clearable. After activating the feature, you can see it in action by hovering your mouse pointer over a selected radio button option. Upon hover, the radio option selected will develop a small X. You can clear the radio button selection by clicking on the red X.

6. If you look after the Expand icon in the editor, you won’t find it anymore. All text areas in the Edit panel now expand automatically when the text is longer than the initial field size.

change_submit_button_position7. You may now change the position of the Submit button on your form. Choose between the following positions:
– Auto (default position)
– Left
– Center (not the same as Auto)
– Right.

Straight from our developers’ corner, we wish you to enjoy the new features. There are actually even more small tweaks we’ve added, but you will have the chance to discover those ones on your own.

Should you encounter any difficulties or only want to say Hi, drop us comment below, or an email at!

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