Marketing Research Surveys – Your Ally for In-Depth Business Insight


by 123FormBuilder

Starting a business is one milestone that should be preceded by intense research. But this is not the only circumstance where you will find yourself on thin ice and looking for reinforcement in your decisions by the confirmation of market insight.

The pursuit of every business opportunity should be done after a thorough analysis of the ground you are stepping on. Marketing research tools that come in lots of shapes and sizes are oftentimes outranked by simple, hands-on approaches like conducting a marketing research survey on your own, with the advantage of extra control on a low budget.

Market monitoring tools vs. marketing research surveys

We live in the era of automation, and naturally, each of us online marketeers tends to stuff their toolbox with plugins, extensions, platforms and apps that monitor the web traffic, competition and other parameters that interest an online business. Moz, Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights are a few great names to keep near.  For brick and mortar businesses, things are very much alike, with the market research institutes delivering studies of the media impact of certain news, audits for competition and so on.

The problem comes when you want to delve into more than quantitative research and breach the wall of numbers. There are times when you want real people telling you real stories that could guide you in more depth over the topic that matters.

To gain a greater understanding of consumer behavior, a marketing research survey is the best tool on the face of the Earth. This is because you get the means to ask people for their own input, by giving them open questions and stirring their appetite for giving you real-life feedback, not just an impersonal tick or rating.

The Marketing Research Survey – how to’s

With a marketing research survey, you can tackle the topics that interest you in a personalized fashion. We cannot stress that enough. Whereas the polls or feedback forms are directed to specific areas of customer experience, with the market research survey you have the possibility of delving into more detailed questions that mix personal feedback with general opinions and interests.

In order to conduct successful market research using your survey, the simple steps you need to do are:

1. Build your marketing research survey. You can start from 123FormBuilder’s dedicated template or from the other tens of online survey templates we are offering. Customization is key, so make sure you jot down all the topics you need to obtain insight upon.

You can use simple and multiple-choice questions, Likert scales and open fields such as text boxes where you ask people to provide their own input. We recommend keeping the survey anonimously unless you want to follow-up with a certain promotional offer (case in which the form autoresponder would help best).

123FormBuilder offers complex field logic and branching, to make your surveys adaptable to visitors’ input. Field rules can be used in a variety of contexts, most of them employing separate scenarios of user selection.

2. Share the survey with your audience. There are lots of options for making sure your survey hits the intended public and returns with the number of results you are looking for. If you have a website, you can use 123FormBuilder to embed the survey on a dedicated landing page, or have it pop up in a lightbox on the page the visitor is on, after some time.

It’s also a good idea to share your form on your social media profiles. You can use our HootSuite app for that, to distribute the link evenly across all the networks you are present on.

3. Gather and analyze results. The part for collecting entries is done in your 123FormBuilder Submissions section, where all your entries are centralized. When moving forward to analyzing data, you can either export it to Excel or Google Sheets or draw in-place reports using our dedicated tools.

Ready, set, survey your market! We are here if you need any help. Good luck!

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