Is Your Data Safe? Turn It That Way With Secure Online Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Giving away personal data has always been a sensitive matter. Form users are afraid they’ll get spammed and they also ask themselves what will happen with their information. When form users have to include details such as address or credit card data, they need to be sure that their data is safely handled. If the pieces of information provided by them are misused, be sure they won’t trust you again.

Hackers and spammers are a constant threat nowadays, so if you notice less form sign ups than you expected, this may happen because your web forms still have some security issues. 123FormBuilder knows the importance of data security and that’s why it provides secure online forms through multiple ways.

Secure online forms ensured through multiple and complex means

With us, you can be sure that you’ll benefit from secure online forms as everything from the hosting packages to our antispam solutions is aimed to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience.

You can build secure online forms with the help of  several measures that we offer such as:

  • antispam protection

  • data recovery

  • virus and malware protection

  • HTTPS connection on sign up

  • Backups

  • SSL Encryption

To provide you secure online forms, our platform is monitored 24/7 to ensure there are no threats. As your data is encrypted on Amazon’s servers,irrespective of what threat emerges, your information is securely hosted, so you can benefit from secure online forms.

Aside from professional hosting, your forms stay secure due to our antispam protection methods such as CAPTCHA protection, password protection, IP blocking and country filters. Plus, by detecting phishing attempts fast, you can be sure that you’ll always create and customize secure online forms for your prospective customers.

And even if a phishing attempt happens, this will be immediately solved. The harmed parties will receive a document including the data collected through the form, so they will be alerted. For details related to payment, changing payment details and other policies, check out our Terms of service or contact our support team at

Concerned about confidentiality? Well, you can relax! No piece of information will be shared, sold and used. You’ll be the only one who’ll have access to all collected data. 123FormBuilder collects only the information required to create and maintain your account. Moreover, the messages received through your web forms aren’t read by anyone and form records can be used only by the account owner.

For even more secure online forms, we’ve included an optional security layer: two-step authentication. This new protection layer involves an extra step to your login, which brings data protection to a higher level.

With us, you can create and customize secure online forms as easy as 1-2-3! We understand your concerns and we also know that getting your users to fill out forms involves trust. By offering you multiple and complex protection means, you’ll always have secure online forms, so it’s more likely for users to fill them out.

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