Inspirational Form Examples with Rules Functionality


by 123FormBuilder

In the first part of this series, we talked about the benefits of using rules to create incredibly smart forms and we even gave you a couple of actual examples of situations in which rules make all the difference. So let’s get a little bit more in depth and have a look at some forms and how they were made.

Now, you remember those cluttered long paper forms that were painful to even look at? Long forms look like hard work and usually they really are difficult to complete.

With online forms, things are rather different. You can use tactics to make them less painful. You might need a form that requires lots of fields. There are ways you can work around it. For example, avoid asking superfluous information, break the forms up into more manageable sections and indicate the number of steps, so that the user knows how much progress he has made through the form. But the magic doesn’t stop here.

What about adding some logic to these forms? That’s where rules come into play.

Let’s take this form for example:

feedback form template
And let’s see what happens if you select the first choice.

store location feedback form

Pretty cool, huh? Now why would you create a form with too many fields or one with multiple pages when some fields might not even be relevant for some people? Because maybe one of your customers has noticed that the store hours are incorrect and it’s the only feedback he wants to send. This is the power of field rules!
Let’s see another example.

ice cream order form

In this form, Field rules and Autoresponder rules were used. To see exactly what we’re talking about, click here for the live version.

You’ll see that you’ll only view the toppings options if you select Yes. And you’ll also get a different autoresponder depending on your selection.

* Bonus tip *

The same can be done with Form rules, but instead of getting an autoresponder when the conditions are met, form users can be redirected to a specific web page. Ooor… you can redirect them to another form. Let’s take quizzes for example. Find a fun idea like What kind of ice cream flavor would you be? and use it for the ones who didn’t select toppings. In which case you can go with What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Topping Say About Your Personality? type of quiz for those who chose to dress their ice cream with toppings. This is a great way of engaging and retaining customers and driving repeat sales.

Finally, these are just a few examples of what you can achieve with this awesome feature. Form rules are a great tool to have on hand, no matter the type of business you’re running or the projects you need to manage. Got inspired  by these awesome form examples? Go ahead and create your own!

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