[Infographic] The Ultimate Contact Form Checklist for 2020

Sorin Staicu

by Growth

Go through this checklist whenever you are thinking of building or updating a contact page or whenever you decide to include a contact form in any of your digital projects. There isn’t much more I could address at the beginning of this blog post, so all that remains is for me to wish you a great day and a successful digital project! Perhaps one more thing:

Contact Form Checklist 2020
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  1. I have been trying to figure out for over a year how to fix a glitch with my form. I have a form where people purchase an item from a drop down menu, but I need to have the ability for people to buy more than one of that item. Once they hit “submit,” there is an option on the payment page just prior to them consummating the sale where they can adjust the quantity and pay accordingly, but many people don’t see this option, and then get confused as to why the system only charged them for one item. I need to have a way for them to request a quantity greater than one BEFORE they hit the submit button. But it won’t let me build that into my form.

    1. Hi there! I have checked your order form and noticed that you already have a number field labeled “Quantity”. However, you are using a single choice field to display your products. To allow multiple selections, replace the single choice field with a multiple choice field. For each product item, you need to add a separate quantity field. With the help of field rules, you can show the quantity field related to the choice selected. Establish form calculations to show the total price. For more details on how to build your form, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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