[Infographic] The 10 V’s of Big Data

Sorin Staicu

by Growth

We have seen the Big Data media hype emerge, flourish, and all but die out within a decade or so. Most incredibly awesome concepts have had similar destinies in the last two decades, making tech-media headlines for years until the words themselves seemed to almost completely lose meaning.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Quantum Computing: their bright tech-media stars have slipped into the background while the engineers have been constantly working toward transforming the distant dreams they have inspired into reality.

This past decade has brought us a myriad of definitions and daring attempts at full-blown paradigm shifts in the field of Big Data. However, no other such attempt has quite managed to encompass the essence of the notion as much Mark Van Rijmenam’s take on it has.

Follow Mark on Twitter and buy his book on Amazon – Think Bigger: Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business. Mark’s Approach has informed, to an extent, this infographic and a whole lot more around here. Enjoy:

the 10 vs of big data infographic by 123formbuilder

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