Improve Your Business Reputation With Online Surveys


by 123FormBuilder


Is perception more important than reality? That’s a tricky question. When it comes to your company’s online reputation, both are important – a good perception backed up by a healthy reality. While you can’t control the impression people get of your business, you can strive to improve it. A good way to leverage that is through online surveys, the perfect tool to gather insights and feedback in order to better what you’re doing – inside & outside your company altogether.

Check out on your corporate climate

Your employees are the closest brand ambassadors. The way they perceive the company, its culture and the way of doing things, directly influences their motivation. Moreover, your employees are a huge source of positive word of mouth, as long as you meet their expectations.

But since you can’t read minds, choose the proper tool to help you manage this – corporate climate survey. This way you can easily identify your organizational strengths & weaknesses and use them for effective development. And since your business growth is an ongoing process, use this type of survey on an annual basis, not just as a one-time event. To keep the good vibe going, also consider running some polls about little things that can improve the overall working atmosphere.

Reach out on your existing customers

It’s challenging to take care of your customer’s needs, right? Managing that aspect makes the difference between a positive versus a negative perception. In order to get the ins and outs of your customers’ desires consider conducting an online customer satisfaction survey. This will hand you the proper feedback to make your clients happy and turn them into advocates.

You can start out using a template or customize it to your needs. Make it an exciting experience since with 123FormBuilder you have all the freedom to do that.  Starting with a wide range of form fields – likert scales, radio buttons, drop-down lists, check boxes, up to conditional survey rules  and branding capabilities, you can tweak each and every aspect of your survey. The outcome? Improved usability, better aspect and higher fill out rates.

Once you made that survey stunning, don’t just place it in one spot and expect your customers to crowd over. Encourage them to take part by making it as accessible as possible and publish it on the platforms you find relevant.

Managing your business reputation can seem a little vague at the beginning. But with the right tools on your side, you’ll end up rediscovering its potential and the factors (customers & employees) that make that potential grow at an unprecedented rate. Keep cool!

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