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by 123FormBuilder

Too many times individuals, companies, and even large corporations put up a website and think they are done, but the truth is this is just the beginning. There is marketing to be done to have the website found, the content must be presented in a way that all visitors can see the content, and of course, all their questions must be answered. The solution is a website visitor survey.

By using this easy to create website visitor survey you can learn so much about your visitors that will aid you in your advertising marketing campaign as well as ensure that your visitors can actually see the website as you created it to be seen. You may not realize this but you can see a website with your browser very different from someone using a different browser. Learning all these details can provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure all visitors can enjoy your website and see the website in the manner you desire.

A website visitor survey can be created to match the colors of your website via created templates or by creating custom colors and styles. This form even offers you the chance to choose a logo at the top of the form such as a DVD, nature, science or a wide array of other logos. The best part of all is that the website visitor survey form will match your own website and allow your visitors to provide you with the information you need to make their surfing experience one of the best ever.

In order to learn more about your marketing plan you need to know how visitors found your website. This is the first question on the website visitor survey. Your visitors can choose from friend, search engine, podcast, email, web, newspaper, word of mouth, or other. This way you will learn if your ads are working or if no one is coming via your advertising methods.

The speed of their INTERNET connection is also very important. If you are receiving more visitors via dial up, all those images are going to take longer too load. You may wish to leave off a few images on the front page or information pages, so your visitors will not leave, as they do not want to wait for the page to load.

The type of browser is very important as well. All browsers are different and present website differently. Understanding how they see your website will better ensure you can have your website created for these browsers to see properly.

Learn if your visitors are following you via your newsletter, Twitter, RSS feed or Facebook. Once you know this, you will be able to use these methods for advertising purposes as well.

Gender, age, income, and country are important so you can cater to those that visit your website. If you see that more women from Europe visiting you can ensure that your content is geared more toward them than men. Nevertheless, you still want to have content for everyone, but you can still use this information for sales or other content.

A website visitor survey will provide you with all these answers so you can ensure your website is offering what it should for those that visit instead of them leaving and finding the answers elsewhere.

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  1. I have created survey on my website, but the thing is no one wants to participate in the survey. It’s only few questions, but I guess people are just lazy. So do you have any tips on how to make these surveys more interesting so people would actually want to participate?

    1. You can attract visitors by using one of our nice and colorful templates. Lightboxes may be more appealing than embedded publishing. Radio buttons, checkboxes and Likert scales do not require any typing, so visitors may find that easier to complete. You can also use rules, which will add more interaction to your form.

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