HR Forms: The English Placement Test for Employees


by 123FormBuilder

Many say that “company culture” is the secret to success and retention. Can the proper employee benefits help improve it?

Here at 123FormBuilder, from our mission and vision to our values and our multicultural office, we have a unique company culture. Actually, each company culture is indeed distinctive, yet there are common elements that contribute to employee well-being. Because we all know that company culture is all about the employees.

Our story

Employee knowledge and skills development drives company development and growth.  At 123FormBuilder, we are the living proof that employee development opportunities bring plenteous benefits.

But depending on every company’s specific needs, there are numerous approaches to providing training and development opportunities for employees. One of those can be foreign language training.  

From customer support to sales, languages can not only attract different business opportunities but also enhance internal communication and creativity.

So after filling out an internal survey all employees got from HR to find out everyone’s input on the opportunity of improving our English, we all received an English placement test. This is the type of test used to determine the English level of the people taking it, so everyone can be placed into groups according to their knowledge.

Here’s how such a test can look like: open form

Form creation

To create this type of form, you can start off with a quiz template. Go ahead and add some fields to gather contact details and then you can get into the specific test questions.

To predefine correct answers go to the Edit section, click the field (quiz question) that you want to edit, then hit More→ Correct Choice. From the same panel you can assign points to the test questions and randomize options so that choices are displayed in a different order each time the form is accessed.  

From the Settings→  Advanced→ Quiz section, you’ll be able to add a countdown timer and if you go to Settings→  Advanced→ Form, you can also add a Print button on the form and allow users to print a copy of the form with the input they fill in.

The test results can be published on the Thank You page right after the submission is made. In order to enable that, go to Settings→ Thank You Page.

Based on the results, you can choose to redirect form users to a specific web page as well.

Form styling

You can personalize your form by adding your company logo as you can see in our example. Go to Settings→ Themes for more styling options. For a better management and efficiency, you can easily view the form reports.   

Language training for employees can result in improved efficiency and productivity but can also help them grow personally and feel valued. So feel free to create your own HR forms for employee development purposes and find out how Human Resources departments can benefit from online forms.
By the way, how important do you think employee knowledge and skills development are for a company’s health and growth?

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