How Web Forms Can Help Your Large Enterprise Grow


by 123FormBuilder

How would it be if your large enterprise had more money and your team more time? Usually, an enterprise company involves many processes and administrative tasks that require a lot of time. Studies show that about three quarters of staff spend time on such tasks. The reality is that all decisions are based on data collecting and managing, which has an undeniable impact. However, jumping data into less organized systems is just a waste of time and money.

To simplify the workflow, many enterprises use web forms for customer support, managing projects, email marketing campaigns and more. Do you believe that your enterprise company should be more effective and have improved online forms for a more organized life cycle?
Then, you’ve come to the right place. 123FormBuilder online form builder has created an enterprise plan, specially adapted for large businesses that provides access to the white label solution. The Enterprise plan is more than just white label.

Web forms for large enterprises can make a huge difference

Due to our Enterprise plan, managers and large companies owners can include web forms into their management systems effectively, without any complications. The advanced set of features is integrated 100% into your system. Moreover, this plan includes custom control panel, custom domain, has a much broader scope and is suitable for a wide range of industries.

The key activities involved in an enterprise life cycle management are acquisition, assignment and implementation, reporting, maintenance and disposal. Every stage requires excellent data collecting and managing, a process simplified through web forms and our enterprise plan.

The enterprise plan includes all the features of the top plans and also custom IT implementations for any business. And there’s no need to have coding knowledge. In just a few minutes, a web form can be designed easily in three steps due to the user-friendly drag&drop editor.

As enterprise customers have different requirements, they need a different setup. At 123FormBuilder, we understand this very well, so that’s why every enterprise customer is a priority. After a thorough discussion focused on your needs and goals, you will get the best pieces of advice to grow your business through web forms.

Online forms created with 123FormBuilder web form builder are ready in just a few minutes and can be accessed by anywhere: from laptops, mobile devices and desktops. Building web forms and online enterprise surveys with 123FormBuilder requires no additional plugin or software.

Enjoy more accurate branding

With the 123FormBuilder Enterprise plan, any web form you create aligns perfectly with your brand and business identity. Anything from user interface, platform’s front end to domain name and email notifications can be branded. Your web forms’ interface can feature even external CSS and JavaScript code for more accurate branding.

The form builder is equipped with many automatic controls to help you get the exact look and feel you want for your web forms. You can choose from several elements such as images and graphics, fonts, custom color scheme and business logo placed in web form header.

By choosing the Enterprise plan, all your web forms can have a public URL that matches your company’s URL, without referring to 123FormBuilder. The web form link can be shared with anyone, anytime, without displaying involvement with a third party service. This is great to have for social media promotions, newsletters, direct business partnerships or email marketing campaigns. In other words, opting for our Enterprise plan allows you to use 123FormBuilder as an internal tool of your own company. Find out more about our white label solution!

Introducing the sub-users feature

Sharing information, storing and managing data are daily and extremely important processes for any important company. Our tool works on the same premises. Employees and managers can collaborate under a single account by setting subusers. Domain aliasing allows you to publish your web forms using your own domain name.

Plus, it’s great to have a professional and advanced web form management system within a large enterprise that is known as an in-house solution by sub-users. Creating subuser accounts and subdomains with different levels of permission is extremely useful for enterprise customers.

Creating subusers means that you can allow access to multiple people to use web forms in your 123FormBuilder account. You can also grant them access to export data, submissions and reports, which are available in the shapes of data tables, graphs, numeric values and custom charts.

Thus, multiple people can work under the same account, but their work and data won’t interfere with those of others. The enterprise version features multiple add-ons and an advanced set of features that are very useful for all departments. For example, you can use lead generation forms for your marketing department or surveys for your HR department.

To make all processes easier and more effective, 123FormBuilder has integrations with 3rd party apps such as Zoho, Marketo, PayPal, Google Drive, MailChimp, ExactTarget and more. This improves customer engagement, reduces the need for support staff, programmers and maintaining multiple devices.

Enterprise web forms are the ideal choice for large companies, resellers and agencies that need to integrate a web form building tool into their system easily and effectively. If you also need all these features, the best way to get started is to request a quote.

In maximum 2 business days, you will be contacted by one of our specialists to find together the most suitable solution for you. Don’t forget to give us feedback on your experience with our Enterprise plan or other web form features you consider important to have!

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