How Web Forms Can Help Improve Your Customer Support Service


by 123FormBuilder

Customer Service SupportExcellent customer support service is essential to the overall growth of a business. Support provides the human contact between a company and its customers and without it, businesses lose clients. But as a company grows – due to a natural growth in clients – the need for helping them with various issues becomes even greater. Thus the need for a better customer support service.

And here is where web forms step in. Now the question rises: How does a web form help the support process?

People that fill the form give all the details of the problem they are facing. A well built and complex form asks all the relevant questions in order to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Depending on the type of service you provide, the form can ask questions about what type of web browser the customer is using , what version of it he has installed, what operating system he utilizes and if he’s using a mobile device or desktop. Also, if you don’t want that many fields into your form but would still like to collect this type of information you can tick the “Add user information” box under Settings -> Notifications, like in the picture below. The point is, no matter how small the detail of his issue is, the form can collect it.

Add Referral in Form

Support Is A Two-way Street

This is the point where asking for support becomes a two-way street. If you as a customer are as cooperative as possible and provide all the relevant information to your problem, then you help speed up the process. First, you will receive a precise solution to your problem and avoid a ping-pong of emails filled with little details about your issue, thus saving you precious time. Second, a proper segmentation of the issue will allow the best suited support member to address your problem, with the help of custom recipients. Also, it allows the support team to take care of as many tickets as possible throughout the day. Now that’s what we call an efficient customer support service! And did we mention our Zendesk integration?

Taking Care Of More Than One Issue

In the case of 123FormBuilder, if the support team notices there are a number of tickets all on the same subject, it allows them to raise a general flag. This means that an issue is not an isolated case and there is a larger problem at hand that needs to be sent to the development team. In the long run, this helps improve the quality of the service.

How you, as a business, run your customer support service is up to you, but using a form is not about that. Using a well constructed form will speed up the process and make the service more efficient. And the best part is that you can customize it to your liking and use the form you built on multiple platforms, including website, blog or Facebook. If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin creating your forms, check out our customer service form templates.

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