How Web Forms Can Help A Nonprofit Association On Multiple Levels [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

Nonprofit organizations are very busy operations which rely on funding and financial support. They receive many emails and documents, which can be difficult to keep track of. Under these circumstances, they need web form builders to help them save time and money, engage and build relationships. We have an example that will prove how important is to find a tool that allows to build web forms quickly and easily, even without coding skills and that provides statistics updated in real-time: Adopt An Intern.

Adopt An Intern is a not-for-profit graduate recruitment organisation, specialising in paid internships and graduate-level jobs, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The organization was born in 2009, when the economy was badly affected by the recession and the number of new jobs was extremely low.

As a result, many graduates were looking for a job, but discovered that they lacked experience and were expected to undertake voluntary work and unpaid internships, an option not open to all. A culture of unpaid internships was beginning to develop so to prevent this from happening, Adopt An Intern was created. Adopt an Intern’s main target audience is both unemployed and underemployed people, mainly from Scotland and the wider UK, as well as businesses/employers with urgent staffing needs or a desire to make a difference to national unemployment, particularly youth unemployment.  

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Adopt An Intern’s Issues And Needs

Adopt An Intern needs a powerful online presence, application forms and evaluation surveys. During the summer of 2014, Adopt an Intern was in the process of creating a new website through NationBuilder when they discovered neither their previous web form builder nor NationBuilder’s own forms were suitable. Under these circumstances, they needed a reliable and efficient solution. They collectively decided to switch to 123FormBuilder, the solution of choice.

123FormBuilder – The Tool That Met The Organisation’s Needs

Keeping these issues in mind and looking for the right solution, Adopt An Intern checked a few online form builders. 123FormBuilder had all the features they needed such as NationBuilder integration, publishing on the website and forms sent via email to users. Moreover, the online forms provided by 123FormBuilder adapt perfectly to the website design.

The organisation saves a lot of time with the pre-built report feature that creates fast statistics for grant applications and funding. In addition, 123FormBuilder solution provides easy to build and customize online forms that suit Adopt An Intern’s branding style.

123FormBuilder has eased the management tasks and reinforced Adopt An Intern’s mission and goals. It changed the way this nonprofit association works and helped it grow. Plus, web forms integrate easily in the workflow, which increases efficiency. Using online forms is a different, but effective way to tell an organisation’s story and share it with the community.

If you have an example of using web forms, tell us your experience! We’d like to hear about it!

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