How to use web forms in event registration


by 123FormBuilder

The industry of event management is an industry of creativity, a quality that extended to all emerging services and products. Expectations are high and the offers are plenty when it comes to event planning. Every step can determine the outcome, that’s why sometimes choosing the right tools to help you in attendee registrations can be tricky. Requirements change from case to case and it is best to find a versatile software to be adapted to our own needs. That’s why web forms can be a proper way to handle registrations. But what features are important in choosing a software for your event registration?

Features to seek for in any type of event registration software

Friendly interface – find the app that offers a simple interface. It is important that you can use it efficiently without having to go through a learning curve. It should be a quick solution to create your registration without having to write code or to have programming knowledge.

Database generation – creates a list of your attendees, a very useful feature for some events. Even more, you may want to import this list into a CRM, generating a database for further communication with your attendees.

Reports and track of entries – manages your registration entries in real-time and may be a great benefit especially if the collected fee is part of the event budget or you have to present a sales report to your management team.

Sharing options – if you want to have a good exposure through this registration tool, try finding those apps with social media integrations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others. Make sure that you are provided a link which can be shared or a code to be embedded on your website.

RSVP options – set autoresponders or use your database to inquire confirmation for your event. Send them in a time-efficient way and they might save you a ton of problems and money.

Special considerations for corporate events

Branding options – use a tools that allows you to brand align your online registration form.  Logo, slogans, colors and even fonts can help your attendees to identify your company.

Payment integration – allows you to receive deposits directly. Usually all tools which provide these services require a certain fee of usage implying a higher security protection to assure a safe environment for your users. Besides, payment integration can also help you to receive donations for your event or cause.

Entries limitation – make sure you check the maximum number of entries allowed. You don’t want to find out right before the event that your tool does not support the number of submissions you desire. Keep in mind the number of available seats and close the registration when they are all booked.

Multi-language support – if your event is addressed to an international public, make sure your tool allows you to create a multi-language form. Your attendees will be more likely to register if you manage to translate the form in their own language.

Using 123FormBuilder for event registration

 What if I were to tell you that 123FormBuilder offers you all these features and even more? Well, it is true. So start by creating an account and design the best event registration form for you.

It has an easy drag and drop editor created with the WYSIWYG concept. You can include in the form a Google map field to show the exact place of your event, add social sharing buttons or even payment options. 123FormBuilder’s  online form builder has so many payment integration, that it’s highly unlikely not to find one that suits your needs.

After creating the desired form, make sure you have selected autoresponders to send confirmation for your attendees. All messages can be edited so that they fully reflect your company’s views. You can choose a white label option and brand your form with customized themes, logos and even add a domain alias.

Registrations are easy to track, you will have a submission database which can be later included in a CRM or even used in your email marketing campaign. Moreover you can draw your conclusion on how well your event has performed by analyzing the form reports automatically generated. They are accurate and can give you real insight on your attendees.

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3!



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