How to unleash conversions with testimonial forms


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Think for a moment. What aspects would you consider when choosing a product to improve your business? Some statistics could help to backup the products’ effectiveness. A targeted features presentation is unmissable. But what else? What would close the buying anxiety loop and make you closeout? If you’re thinking “testimonials” you are right!  A well worded testimonial provides an endorsement that can make the difference between a sale and a bounce. Let’s get into detail and see how they can help.

Help prospects better understand your product

After the rational part has been dealt with, buying decision remains with the emotional need to be fulfilled. And that’s when real people and their honest opinions come in. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Global over 50 countries, recommendations or opinions posted online by consumers are the most trusted form of advertising.
And that’s because what they are saying can make your prospects relate to some familiar needs. Adding to this, if your prospects can’t put their finger on the main product advantages, a testimonial of a client who already tested the product can give that in a nutshell.  

Keep in mind that not any feedback can turn into a winning testimonial. Mainly, the generic ones – “You are the best!”, “Awesome product!” – and the like. These will definitely be ignored. Instead, choose the ones tailored to your target audience, that explain why someone should consider the product.

Ease the mind of worried visitors

When it comes to down to investing money into something you surely feel the need to give a second thought… or more thoughts. Here’s when buying anxiety kicks in. The concern that problems may appear after the purchase, or that extra fees will pop out of blue, or that the product won’t deliver as promised.Overcompensate that by addressing these concerns with testimonials about the reliability of the product, its quality, security, cost/benefit and why not competitiveness – having an experienced user saying that’s the most reliable thing on the market will surely give you a competitive advantage.

Another thing testimonials do for worried customers is that they offer social proof. Its main benefit? Unbiased influence! Brief success stories, or user experiences with the products or services will lay out a scenario that your prospects will most likely embrace.

Use testimonial forms to collect worthy feedback

Gathering the testimonials you need demands a little bit of strategy. And this includes creating the right context for asking, setting up good questions, grounding the testimonial and placing it strategically.

1. Create the right context & questions
Simply asking “Can you find the time to write a short testimonial?” won’t do. It’s too general, too vague and not inviting at all. Even though the invitation might be accepted most likely you’ll get a generic response such as “Great features! Definitely recommended!”

In order to get worthy responses consider placing your testimonial in a bigger context – that of feedback. Let your clients know that their input is needed and valued and that you’re counting on them to offer you insights for product development. Questions like “What features did you like most?” should be included in your testimonial form along with questions that ask for improvement suggestions “What would you improve about the service/product?”

2. Credit the testimonial
Needles to say that including real attributions will make your testimonial credible. Also adding photos can bump that credibility rate a bit higher. As research shows photos of your clients placed along their product review have a positive first impression. Keep them real. Stock photos can be spotted from a mile.

3. Place it strategically
Collecting great testimonials isn’t enough. Depending on where you place them they can influence your conversions. Maybe you’re thinking that the sale’s page is the most proper place to have them. And that’s right. But why not categorize them and see which one goes best where. Maybe some emphasis more the customer service. Others the product features or the useful newsletter tips. Sprinkle them in multiple locations and pay attention to results. Conducting a split test will further help you see which placements brought more conversions.

On the whole, testimonials can really impact your business and turn the window shoppers into buying customers as long as they are relevant, credible and in the right spot. Are you using them in your marketing strategies? Do share your experiences on this matter. We’re eager to find out any impressions.

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  1. Really, really great advice here. I think testimonials are largely underrated and should, therefore, be paid more attention. I like what you said about strategic placement. These are great stuff about your company, after all! No sense in shoving it under a rug.

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