How to Make Your E-commerce Web Forms More Effective


by 123FormBuilder

Customer service can be your best ally, but also your biggest enemy. However, aside from customer service, there’s another element that counts: your web forms for e-commerce. Providing easy to fill in forms, with a clean and catchy design can turn leads into customers and maybe advocates. When creating and customizing web forms for your ecommerce business, remember that you hold the key to success.

The steps you take and the strategies you’ll implement will definitely have an impact on the development of your business. And online forms are one of these aspects. They’re the gate that your potential customers and stakeholders enter.

Building web forms adapted to your type of business is a breeze if you use the right online form builder. Without any coding skills, you can create amazing and effective online forms for your projects and business in minutes. Incorrectly implemented online forms can turn into a huge impediment for potential customers. Let’s dive into some effective tips and recommendations that’ll help you have excellent web forms that’ll bring you customers and empower your reputation.

The most important thing is to keep the form simple and explain its fields clearly so that users understand what is required from them. For example, you could add also some text next or below web form fields to signal potential input problems. And make sure you include fewer form fields. Remind them in the form that you offer free shipping, a particular discount or anything else. To make their way to checkout easier, don’t forget to use arrows, bullet points, numbers or even small images.

Filling in the web forms should be straightforward

Don’t make users fill in a web form and then require them to register or take some additional action. Keep in mind that the more straightforward is the process, the more leads and customers you’ll have.

Creating trust is another important issue you should consider. Avoid asking sensitive details. If you still need this, try to ask it later during this process as it’s more likely to obtain the information you need. And one more thing: always mention how you will use with the user’s’ information and the reasons you’re asking it.

The idea is to reduce friction as much as possible on every level. For example, set the Tab to allow users move easily through the fields when filling out the web forms. The final steps such as Cancel and Submit options need more attention on your behalf.

And there’s more: think if someone accidentally hits the Cancel button because of the field placement. Be sure that person will be frustrated, so mark that areas to avoid complications. To conclude, all the elements of a web form influence users and determine if they fill it out or not.

As you know very well, high conversion rates on web forms have a positive impact on your business, so consider the above tips and enjoy the benefits!

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