How to Integrate With Your Favorite Apps


by 123FormBuilder

So you’ve seen a few app names which you think would be great to add to your form, the next step is adding them. Integrating apps is a piece of cake. The main idea is:

  • Get the API key from your account on the chosen platform and add it in the integration box
  • Customize how the information is stored in your account
  • Watch data flow from your forms directly into your other services.

Keep reading to learn how to add MailChimp and Google Drive integrations to your forms.

Below is a step-by-step guide to adding the MailChimp integration, because the majority of apps work like this:

1. Go to SettingsApplications and click “ADD” on the app you want to integrate with. Since we’re looking for email marketing, let’s go with MailChimp.

how to connect apps to 123formbuilder web form

2. After adding the app you’ll be asked to provide the API Key.

For this, you will need to go to your MailChimp account and get it. Here’s the location:

mailchimp api integration for web forms

Copy the API key provided in the MailChimp account and paste it in the integration box.

mailchimp web form integration app

Flash Fact: API comes from programming interface key, and it’s used to identify what programs calls for data from the respective platform.

You’ve just integrated your form with MailChimp! The next step is to customize it – meaning to choose what data goes where.

3. Click on the Customize button below the API key field, and you will get to this interface:

customize mailchimp app for online forms

Here’s what they mean and how to use them:

Action = there are 2 actions you can choose from: Add Subscriber to a mailing list, or Unsubscribe a person.

They are used for newsletter subscription forms, in which the user either sign ups for receiving or for opting out of one. It’s common practice to also proved a form for unsubscribing from a newsletter, so this will come in handy.

Use List = here you choose what list will be used to register the contact. You can create lists through your MailChimp dashboard. In the example there is a list created – all the people that will complete the form will be stored into “Newsletter Subscribers” list.

Always try to segment your mailing lists. It’s very useful to see where subscribers come from for analytical reasons. Also, in case you want to create a specific promo for a certain type of subscriber, having only 1 general list will make it very hard to separate them.

Email on failure = in rare cases errors might occur when sending data, so here you can specify an email address which will receive the error messages,

Next we’ll look at Google Drive as an example, since it works without an API KEY.

1. Go to SettingsApplications and click “ADD” on the app you want to integrate with. Say you’re looking for a cloud storage app, so check Google Drive.

google drive integration app for web forms

2. After clicking on the app, you will be asked to connect your Google Account by clicking on the button. After choosing the account you want, the integration will be automatically enabled.

sending submissions to google sheets via web forms

That’s it! The submissions you’ll get through the form will be automatically added to your Google Drive.

Now let’s take a look at a different app, namely email marketing platform MailChimp.
The majority of integrations work like MailChimp, meaning you have to use an API KEY.

Easy, right? Just copy the key and choose a few options, and hours of manual labor are cut from your schedule. In case you need additional help with your apps, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our support team is on stand by.


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  1. Can I have 123 Contact Form send the information generated under “Submissions” to an excel spreadsheet?

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