How To Handle Online Reservations: Schenectady Wintersports Club [Case Study]


by 123FormBuilder

Vacations, holidays, weekends, some of the favorite words for a hard-working employee. The fuss and planning of a vacation is both thrilling and exhausting. It takes whole hours spending to catch that one offer you desire and lots of booking forms to fill in to get it. When you reach an agency that hands you a pile of paper to fill, your dream begins to fade further away.

 All these paper piles are not bringing any joy neither to the agency nor to the eager customer. And definitely are not loved by hotels, sports clubs or restaurants willing to offer you the entertainment you need. Thus, when online booking tools appeared on the market, they were received with joy and enchantment.

Well, a form builder brings you a step even further and lets you, as an owner of a resort, hotel or club to manage reservations, gather payments and organize event in a single, facile way. And Schenectady Wintersports Club is here to vouch for that.

Meet one of the sports clubs which understood the power of online

Dorie Valenti is the president and webmaster of  Schenectady Wintersports Club. A small business in Stowe, Vermont which she proudly presents as an all-inclusive solution for living the ultimate alpine experience. The clubhouse focuses on skiing during winter and lots of fun activities like canoeing, kayak races or bike rides during no-snow seasons.

When they decided to start selling tickets and manage reservations online, they started to look for a simpler solution to streamline their work. A great amount of effort was spent to write the reservation form application using MySQL databases and PHP 5, and maintaining the hosting system they were using back then.

How 123FormBuilder and WIX saved the day

First thing was first, they wanted to update the website. So they discovered WIX and it was love at first glance. But things did not stop there. Dorie dived in the WIX App Market and guess what she discovered? The answer that will solve the management of all their online booking processes – 123FormBuilder.


WIX and 123FormBuilder is a duo which Dorie says that works seamlessly for their clubhouse. Now reservations are paid through PayPal directly on the form, and the database is saved in a spreadsheet in their Google Drive account. In this way they are sure the information is accurate, they save time and more human resources. Now they have reports with demographics and can track new volunteers on the go. Without spending hours on setup or writing any code, they now have a single tool to enhance their workflow.

“The more we automate our processes the less time we will have to spend manually collecting forms and money for membership, ski tickets, movie tickets, and payments for stays. If we can keep all the money flowing and all the reporting done electronically this is more efficient and more accurate than numerous volunteers collecting, compiling and reporting.”

Reservations are queuing up and Schenectady Wintersports Club has an easy solution to administer them. With 123FormBuilder, they have enough payment options to choose from if they ever need to extend the functionality of their forms, and they can also integrate them with several other 3rd party integrations.

So either if you are the one seeking to plan a vacation or the owner of the resort, this is a great example to follow and to share.

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